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  1. install high sierra

    I use this one: https://www.links.hr/hr/ssd-480-0-gb-sandisk-plus-sdssda-480g-g26-sata3-2-5-maks-do-535-445-mb-s-051400425 I really want to have apfs.efi if possible
  2. install high sierra

    I install it by cloning from HDD disk drive onto SSD and it works.
  3. install high sierra

    nothing helped. 4G nor Fast Boot from BIOS. anyone any ideas?
  4. install high sierra

    can't even find 4g in my bios and let's say it works after formatting as HFS drive. Will I lose something in performance if it'snot apfs?
  5. install high sierra

    after first reboot I boot from usb again and then choose install macOS from mydiskname YES and it takes around 18min to complete and reboot after its finished. and after second reboot make same steps, boot from usb - same partition and I have this error
  6. install high sierra

    its for selection install High Sierra from USB - installation procedure of osx from the beginning and what if I install clover again on top of the USB. Can I broke something on my bootable USB. I would like to avoid making bootable usb again and also to exclude something is wrong with clover installation maybe?
  7. install high sierra

    something is very strange inside clover. icons missing...strange names... but USB is untouchable from installing the same procedure on HDD. Only new thing is new SSD plugged in and installed 10.13 on it the same way as on HDD from the same USB. clover 4411
  8. install high sierra

    I try with slide=128 same error also, there is 2 options for prebbot in my clover and one is called FileVault Preboot... I try with both with same errors but which is better to choose for first boot after installation?
  9. install high sierra

    and here is the EFI I use currently. same as on previous HDD. EFI.zip
  10. install high sierra

    yes, I have apfs.efi already and try with aptiofix2 and aptiofix3 both with same error. also I noticed strange error listing just before clover UI loads after installing osx on new ssd check attachment
  11. install high sierra

    also my clover booted from USB acts strangely after installing os on new SSD...? latest clover
  12. install high sierra

    I install high Sierra now on brand new SSD disk and after installation complete I can't make a first boot from USB. this disk is SSD and previous one was HDD.
  13. install high sierra

    thanks for help. 2nd gtx inserted an both monitors plugged in one gtx and UI works smooth and fine. But, on LuxMark only one gtx is readable, check screenshot. and on system report there is 2 gtx installed ? on Vray benchmark it reads 2 gtx and running fine it seams.
  14. install high sierra

    I delete it from Sierra and install again 158. I remove one gtx and plug in both monitors in one gtx and it works good on both monitors now. I'll test later with second gtx plugged in. al least I can leave both monitor plugged in one gtx. previously I plugged one monitor per one gtx. what do you need from my system, I'll share it with you? my EFI? Luxmark test with one gtx and 2 monitors plugged in
  15. install high sierra

    I install this patched web driver and can't boot now. I didn't remove previous driver. what is procedure to remove patched driver now? I can't boot with nvdriver=0 nvdisable=1 arguments in clover