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    Intel 82540EM Intel Pro 1000 and 10.6.3

    So there is no solution and I need to buy another card then?
  2. I had an old power mac G4 450MHz which I had many years ago added an intel gigabit lan card into, the card worked flawlessly on 10.4.X for years with heavy use. It also seemed to work fine with 10.5 but I can't say for sure cause I didn't run the OS for long. Well anyway, I took the card out of the Power Mac and put it into my Hackintosh build which I had everything else working on before I put in the NIC. Gigabyte G31M-E2SL 2.8 C2D 2GB RAM PNY Nvidia 210 DVI/HDMI/VGA I figured since the card was working fine already in a mac it would drop right in. Well it was recognized right off the bat and appeared to aquire a good IP address, so I opened up software update to get all my updates. It started off working well for about 2 minutes, then the download stopped and the Hackintosh lost it's IP address and nothing I did would get it back short of a reboot. I did this many times, every time either the card lost the IP after about a minute or it would download fine for about 5 minutes and it would then KP. Any ideas/suggestions? Screenshots attached.
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    Wireless Connection drop-ou

    I have the same issue with the Intel 82540EM NIC. Did you ever solve your problem?
  4. Any speed difference should be negligible.
  5. I actually went with the Gigabyte G31M-ES2 for the mb. It had pretty much everything I needed but I heard the new ones may not have supported LAN and even though the GMA 3100 is in some macs I heard that the onboard video doesn't really work. I have some IDE DVD drives but I heard you need sata ones to work under osx? What if I use an IDE to sata adapter? I went with the E6300 for the processor. I wanted to go with the cheapest 775 chip I could find which was a celeron but I figured with 512k L2 cache it wouldn't perform very well.
  6. This will be my first hackintosh, I've built many Windows PCs over the years and owned many real Macs. All I need this computer to do is be a file server and rip dvds. I plan on using the case/most of the parts from my old WinXP machine for this build so hopefully I only need to buy a new motherboard/CPU/RAM. I'm looking for hopefully 3 or 4 RAM slots but I can get by with 2, 4 or more SATA ports, hopefully an IDE channel or two but it isn't imperative, OSX supported onboard video and LAN and to run Snow Leopard with little to no messing around with ktexts if possible. I also need it to go to sleep and wake up properly as well as be able to wake on lan. I was thinking of going with an Intel Core2 Duo E7500 Wolfdale 2.93GHz 3MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor but I don't necessarily need something that powerful, I may look to buy an older, used Core2Duo to save some money, I haven't decided yet. I'd also like to hook the machine up to my LCD TV for use as a HTPC but if it adds too much to the cost it isn't worth it. No gaming and the only CPU intensive task it will do is video encoding. If it is not possible to find a board with supported integrated graphics could anyone recommend a cheap/low power supported graphics card? Any advice on what motherboard to go with and/or maybe a place to find a cheaper CPU to go in said board? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!