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  1. I try to understand these: Since even in apple itself there were a lot of script or program that is from the open source in other word it is GPL (general public license); Now, when those distro come it used this GPL and remove as much as the illegal use to make that distro legal i is true? A lot of thing has been done like jail-braking use the GPL to change that
  2. OSX on Intel DG31PR Problems

    Kazik I got identical board with you DG31PR and both HD and DVD SATA, I don't have any problem install 10.6 in-fact I got 8% more vanilla on my PC using hazard DVD. Be informed that this board support vanilla SnowLeopard no other kernel need, like mine, I just update to 10.6.3 with no problem. Here is how: 1. Ensure to connect your HD to SATA port0 (important) and put in your DVD to any other SATA port. 2. In BIOS advance>Drive config, DISABLE AUTO MODE, Serial ATA ENABLE and ATA/IDE=Legacy 3. If you are using both USB keyboard and mouse, ENABLE BOTH LEGACY and USB first, you will find some proble with high speed USB, but at this time just enable it first. 4. Restart with your hazard DVD, Select these option upon install a. Bootloader - Chameleon RC4 b. Graphic - select which you using (x3100 for the in built) but I m using NVIDIA, so I select NVEnabler c. Audio - ACL888 ( using in built audio) d. CMOS_reset_fix - ElliotForceLegacyRTCx e. Patches - SIMBIOSResolver That all; if you need to connect using high speed USB, just edit your /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist put in this syntax <key>USBBusFix</key> <string>yes</string> I recommend that you install 10.6 vanilla first without select 10.6.2 option, because you can do it later by extracting the package inside that DVD. If anyone got problem with DG31PR to install snowLeopard, just PM me; hazard has good DVD it original from retail you can get it at popular any torrent google it yourself
  3. Foxconn P45A-S Vanilla

    I have successful install vanilla (in fact 8% more vanilla) SL10.6.2 with my DG31PR + C2D E7400 + NVIDIA 8400GS + SATA HD + SATA DVD. This is how: 1. I using hazard DVD ( you can Google at picktorrent and use torrent to download - there were good seed and peer there). 2. Put your SATA HD at SATA port0 - this is important since SL recognize it as disk1 3. Disable AUTO configure at BIOS advance>drive configuration; put SATA/IDE; and Legacy 4. Select below option at hazard SL installer ( don't choose any kernel since this board can support vanilla) a. Combo update 10.6.2 b. Chamaleon boot loader RC4 c. NVenabler d. VoodooHDA e. ElliotForceLegacyRTC f. SMBIOSResolver Note don't choose any unnecessary patch or kext, it will conflict Done; If you having problem on the high speed USB you can disable USB Legacy at BIOS
  4. So where to put the DVD drive? My DVD also SATA........
  5. Emm very interactive guide you had made; FYI I'm new to Mac especially x86 Mac, Currently using PC with 10.5.8 and want to have SL.. My CPU is as below: Board : Intel DG31PR Processor : C2D 7400 Graphic : NVIDIA 8400GS My question; I don't have retail 10.6 Mac DVD but keeping Hazard 10.6.1/2. I just think of to do the following 1. Install the SL with that hazard CD without any option (Mean Clean install like Retail DVD) 2. Install Chameleon Bootloader 3. Patch any EXTRA to suit with my CPU Can I do the above? Now as show from your guide I saw that on your Disk1 there were many partition and you have Cham and SL partition how to you do this and can you explain I think I can install bootloader but dont know how to get "Cham" partition like yours..... Appreciate your help
  6. Ok then; I'm struggling with this mismatch issue and sleepEnabler for about a week right now; end up with I replace my board from Intel DG31PR to ASUSP5QL-EPU with same processor Intel Core 2 Duo E7400; Now I understand that the issue is due to these kext; I'm using DVD from Leohazard; there were no option on to install these kext during installation; Can anyone help me on how to use these kext with my DVD (Leohazard) during installation? Thank you.
  7. Try These Step 1. Boot with Win 7 Installation disk 2. At welcome screen (after loading done); press Shift+F10 key 3. Type diskpart 4. Type list disk; you should see disk 0 if other disk not connected this is what they mean at the top of the thread. 5. Type select disk 0 6. Type clean 7. Type convert GPT 8. Type create partition efi=200 9. Type create partition primary=100000 (your Mac disk size in MB) 10.Type create pertition primary ( the rest of the amount of disk will become win 7 disk) 11. List disk; at this point you should see Partition 1 (efi system type) Partition 2 your MacOsx disk Partition 3 your Win 7 disk 12. Type select partition 3 13 Type format fs=ntfs quick 14 Type assign letter c 15 exit 16 exit 17 Now you can install your Macosx first and select disk 2 18 after that just install win and select disk 3 19 that all; remember you boot disk now is efi type which is protected........ Now I have a question how should I install win 7 which is from recovery disk cause when I bought my Compac CQ40, they didn't give the installation disk but recovery disk and I need to burn that this; If I use same step above It does not work cause it format everithing