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  1. Hi, my friend parents have a 10 user license for OS X 10.4, but you only get one DVD with it. How do you go about making another copy of the DVD with (not for ) a Windows machine so they can have a backup incase the original gets damaged? Thanks Tim
  2. Zydas is working on an x86 wireless driver

    did you even read the post?
  3. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    heres a Pentium M @ 2.32ghz rest of the specs are on the page I get 61.45 My Score
  4. 3dnow, 3dnow+

    Its not a SSE 3 patch to SSE2. SSE 2 is just the requirement for OSX to run on x86. As far as i know maxxus would have just translated the SSE3 instructions to x86 instructions, making it slightly slower, or some other extended instructions and some X86 instructions. Each generation of added instructions (MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3) adds more instructions to do things faster (normally compound of basic 386 instructions), but it doesnt normally replace older extended instructions. There is no point in doing 3dnow+ as the current version works fine on all x86 processors that osx will run on, and if using 3dnow was possible it would only work on amd processors.
  5. My CPU-Z Report

    try it and find out its the only way. you wont get core graphics or quartz extreme working, but alot of applications work ok with maxxus's rosetta patch for sse2 pcs. I wouldnt be expecting osx86 to be that useful though, its very buggy
  6. it depends how you installed, if it was deadmoo's then it would be deadmoo and bolivia? something like that... i have had the cant find boot error before, and after resetting my cmos it seemed to go away and finally boot up?
  7. Nvidia Ti4200 1280x1024x32 how

    geforce 4 ti cards only work at a maximum of 1024x768 without going to 8 bit colour. well thats in my experience anyway
  8. yup it works fine on my msi 648 max motherboard, sound doesnt work but thats about it. Try using verbose mode (-v). That will tell you where abouts its stopping. Ive had some problems with usb and legacy mode being on (it didnt like it)