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  1. Need help: Gateway P-7805u FX

    Snow Leopard is fully 64-bit and has been for the past 3 months, no problem there.. The problem lies in the fact that every time I try to install Mountain Lion it does not work at all. I don't understand it. This is a Core 2 Extreme 64-bit laptop and I don't know why this isn't working, though I much prefer Snow Leopard as it "just works".
  2. Does not anyone know how I can get 64-bit kernel to work under Snow Leopard, Lion? I am not even sure if this laptop will handle Mountain Lion though the processor is a Core 2 Extreme. Thanks,
  3. Need help: Gateway P-7805u FX

    Hello, Although, I have Snow Leopard 32-bit running on my Gateway P-7805u FX laptop which is a 64-bit capable machine, can some one tell me where I can get the proper kexts so that it will boot in 64-bit mode? I just went out and got another 4GB of memory for a total of 8GB. I have a DSDT already created, but its for 32-bit only. I also have Lion installed, but same deal: I need the kexts necessary for booting 64-bit on that. As for Mountain Lion, has anyone had any success installing Mountain Lion on the Gateway P-series of laptops? This is a very nice laptop and its a shame if I have to get rid of it if it won't run 64-bit Mac OS X either in Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion. The following ports don't work in Snow Leopard: HDMI port, headphone jack port, Ethernet port(Yukon Marvel is manufacturer), eSATA port does not work either, There is also an express card slot. I don't have any express cards to test it with, but I assume it does not work either. The machine also has a microSD card slot, but I am not too concerned about that as I have an external USB microSD adapter I use.. Lastly, the built in Gateway webcam does not work either. What does work: Sleep, hibernate(sleep), sound, bluetooth, Airport(Bought a Mac Pro WIFI mini-PCIe card to replace Intel's). I am mainly concerned about getting 64-bit enabled, so that I can run Mountain Lion.. and so far no one has done this on the Gateway P-7805u FX laptop. The screen is impressive! 1920x1200 WUXGA ultra bright. Someone please help!! Thanks a bunch.. I can even pay for the assistance if someone can help me. I am trying to put off having to buy a real MacBook Pro as I already have a Mac Pro 6-core, PowerBook G4 1.67 as my everyday machine + G5 Quad. I can provide my DSDT if need be..