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    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Likewise. I got mine two days ago because of the suitability to run SL and I now pretty much have it stable and working on SL 10.6.1. Status of things (+working, - not working) + Screen 1024x600 + On board ethernet + Native wi-fi (ralink) + Keyboard + Touchpad (incl two finger scrolling. Very sensitive though) + Bluetooth + Camera + Microphones + Speakers - Function keys at the top - Hibernate mode (Chameleon won't restore it.) - Sleep (screen did not come back though more testing necessary) - Battery and AC power (VoodooBattery is not getting good data or not using it correctly) I am trying to fix the Battery as a priority and then look at Functions and/or Hibernate. Funny thing one function key that works is ZZZ! But hibernate does not return. Feedback on any of these things welcome. I also used a different method to build my image but once working assuming the same boot loader (Chameleon in my case) it does not really matter how you got here. Happy to help out on any info you'd like. Go to Lagoon's site Voodoo kext Files and grab the VoodooPower command-line utility. There is an option in it to report CPU temperatures. Check what they are and maybe look to cool the unit to see it this improves things for you. Possibly your unit is running hot and the fans are simply working overtime or you may have faulty/noisy fan.