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  1. [solved] I got it working again by referring to the following guide to installing ALC882(even that I have ALC850) here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18642 or by changing the settings in the midi setup to 2ch-16bit... LOL it's either that or that.... But thanks anyway!! Hi all!! Couple days ago I decided to put Leo on my AMD Nforce4 pc, everything is awesome except for the sound, it works normally until it just disappears for a minute or two and then appears again like nothing happened, sometimes it doesn't come back at all... this is really frustrating sometimes... Did any of you guys experience anything like it?? I would really appreciate any help!! Thanks! Vlad
  2. Hey! So, my friend installed Leo and after rebooting this problem occurs when its not booting into leo and showing this blinking cursor "_". It does boots up after he inserts the DVD, and typing rd-disk0s1 into darwin loader. His hardware: Gigabyte 945gz motherboard with intel dual core processor. 2 GB RAM At the install he chose EFI darwin for sse2/sse3. Thats all I know about his machine and about what he had installed, do you guys know a fix/patch to this? maybe he installed something that he shouldn't have, could you tell me please what he should or shouldn't install? BTW he installed with iAtkos 1.0ir2 ISO. I've looked for it all over the place, I've seen couple of similar post but no help there... Thanks! -- Vla=D
  3. Hi... today I've managed to install everything.. So now I have a fully functional os x (10.4.6), my question is: Can I update from the software update to the latest 10.4.11?? I've read some stuff, but the answer is after you guys... if I do update do I have to patch it with some patches? if yes could you throw a bone to a dog and give me some links? I would really appreciate it!!! Thank's a lot!!! by the way awesome forum you have here!! you've helped me a loooot in the last couple of years!!! So thank you InsanelyMac! Ahh and I'm running on AMD Edit: Damn it after I've posted the topic ive found the answer, sorry... admins can you delete this thing??
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    come on people i need it very urgent... please??
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    hi... I don't sure its the right place to post it, so if its ain't the place please excuse me.... so, I've read somewhere that i can copy my OSX partition onto other drive like so: dd if=/dev/source_partition of=/dev/destination_partition bs=512 and then i've started wondering, I have the OSX on IDE 4.3 GB drive(yup thats small!) and i have an SATA 160 GB drive, that i couldn't install on it, and now here's the question: can I transfer my OSX partition to the SATA drive? And most important, will it boot and work properly? Thank's to the helpers!! (Sorry for the language)
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  7. Hi all... well, i have this annoing problem, my screen always shows black squares on screen... look at them: Please can someone help me with that?? and sorry but i have one more prob. look: i have the reboot, shut down doubled!! WTF?!?!? I can't understand what's going on.... Thank's to helpers...