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  1. So I've searched and browsed the forums looking for a solution to this, only I couldn't find any. I'm already tinkering with the Install DVD I downloaded yesterday since this morning, so all day long already trying to install it =p; Only now I'm finally (with the help of some posts and the wiki) so far that I've got it installed and everything, only it won't boot. It keeps loading at the blue screen with the black cursor after showing the gray loading screen. I waited a while but still no progress after a while, so I decided to ask around. The install dvd I'm using is the one from JaS (Mac OS X 10.4.6 x86 Install DVD), my configuration is as follows : Pentium 4 HT 2.8 ghz (With SSE2, but no SSE3). P4P800 Motherboard 768 Mb DDR (400mhz/pc3200) 200 GB HDD (IDE ATA) (Win XP and data disk) 120 GB HDD (IDE ATA) (The one I'm using completely for OSX) Geforce FX 5600 Ultra 128mb. I've firstly tried to just burn the image with Alcohol 120% and boot from it, all went fine only it was VERY slow. It took about 30mins to actually show the welcome screen with the language selection and when I tried to move on with the installation everything was really laggy, any ideas on this one? I didn't even try to continue the installation since it was very slow. Then I tried with VMware, installed it on my 120 gb hdd. Suddenly the loading only took about 2mins and I could install like it would normally work. Much faster then my normal computer (Wtf?) So now I've got it installed, with VMware. Trying to boot it via VMware and 'normal' (Boot selection and then the second disk with the mac os on it). But on both I get the same situation. Just a blank blue screen with a lil black cursor on it that I can move around. But further it's doing nothing at all? After I figured out I forgot the SSE2 patch (before that it didn't even feel like continueing appearently since the reboot screen came in four languages, but after this it went on) I ran the installation again and took the upgrade option. Together with patch this time and after a long install it was done and it resulted into this. I would look for the things the verbose mode would say, only I can't find where I need to put the '-v' option. Tried to hit some buttons after booting but it wouldn't do anything except just loading the OS ^^; Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks alot and sorry for the bit long post.