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  1. Hi to all thanks to the great work of d00d. I have many problems to make the installation of ML My systems is this: Gigabyte EX58 as d00d GTX 285 I am using 2030 chameleon and dsdt v5 of d00d and the same smbios (4.1) and plist. In verbose mode i see that AppleCPUPowerManagement is ok, but black screen. I am not be able to arrive to the installation screen. So i have swtiched to ATI 4850 and with Graphic Enabler=no i was be able to install ML I come back to GTX 285 but nothing. Always Black screen. The problem is that with GTX285 i am not be able to boot. Could you pls tell me how to configure the plist or smbios to boot with GTX285. In previous OSX there were no problem with this card. I have read to use the EFI string. Thanks for the support.
  2. giuseppe001

    Sapphire HD 4830 on Lion_GM

    Hi to all, in my sistem profiler on the pci card i have no information about vga card and ethernet. I think that my card has QE/CI because i can run dvd and with cinebench i have 24 fps ( with gtx 275 i have 21 fps ). Only with dashboard the waves effect are not always fluid. Another thing is that in video card of sistem profiler the card is recognized as 4800 and not 4850. Could you pls help ? Tks Giuseppe
  3. Hello to all i have installed Lion, but i have a strange problem. I have patched the AppleRTC to avoid the CMOS reset. But if i wake from sleep and restart/shutdown i have kernel panic. Without sleep the restart/shutdown is all ok I have searched in the forum but nothing found. Do you have any solutions. Tks Giuseppe
  4. Hello you need 8 GB free space on pen drive or other partition ciao Hello Mald0n i have now solved the VGA problem. I have this kind of problem. When i awake after sleep is all ok. When i shut down i have KP. ( just done the AppleRTC patch ) Could you pls help me ? Tks Giuseppe
  5. Hello MaLd0n, i have changed the vga card and tried with Geforce gtx 275 and it works with grafic enabler=yes This evening i will try again with ati 4850 and let you know. Does the newer bootloader here need the boot plist to be renamed? With org.chameleon i cannot have the grafic card properly working even if Geforce GTX285 The ethernet work and also the sound. I have problem of KP after awake from sleep. Have i to use Apple RTC ? ( never used in SL with my GA EP45 DS3L ? Tks
  6. Hello to all. I have succeffully installed Lion with Madl0n instruction. But i have a problem with my video card ATI 4850. My modo is Gigabyte Ga-Ep45ds3l After adding the Exotic patch and reboot the screen remain grey and i cannot see the desktop. Could anyone tell me how make it work ? tks Giuseppe
  7. Hello, i have followed the Madl0n guide, but stopped to Can't find the mach_kernel. I have read that i need to copy and paste to the root of usb drive. I think is a good idea to inform the people telling this in the first page of this 3d. Tks Giuseppe
  8. giuseppe001

    Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    Hello to all, what about the CSR chip ? I am not able to wake from sleep with this chip editing the id's . Many thanks for the attention Giuseppe
  9. Hello Black yes the ones in projectosx.com forum as you said in your beautiful updated guide. There are 2 fakesmc; for Leo and Snow Leo. You are the best Tks Giuseppe
  10. Hi Black i have now a stable OSX. What about the new fakesmc ? We are using now the netkas one, right ? Have you tried the new one ? Tks Giuseppe
  11. Hi BlackOsx, i havetried all kind of bootcd to install Snow Leopard. As you know i have the GA-ep45ds3l and ATI hd4850, but nothing to do; KP every time. With Nvidia gtx275 all ok. How can i boot with bootcd or usb ? are there other solution to install from RETAIL dvd ? Tks Giuseppe
  12. Hi BlackOSx, i have now as you know a new motherboard and a new videocard ( ATI 4850 ) I have read about the problem with ATI card. Could you pls tell me if the new Chameleon RC5 beta has the same function introduced from PC EFI 10.6 and ASERE one, i am talking about also the injection of videorom in plist. Have you any link ( other than insanelymac or netkas ) to any documentation about OSX and ATI card ? Thank you very much Giuseppe Ps. using the USB installation the screen is freezed. What can i do ? change the bootloader ? Tks
  13. Tks Blackosx, you are always collaborative Giuseppe
  14. Hi Blackosx, a question about the mac model. In your file you have inserted the MAC MODEL 3,1 I have this 3 CPU: Q6600 E7300 Q9550 What is the best mac model for these 3 cpu ? Tks Giuseppe
  15. Hi Blackosx, no how to extract the dsdt, but in the previous post you said that have you done your DSDT following the istruction of Zhells. I am asking you, after obtained the dsdt from a real mac, what do you make ? what is the utilization of the original mac dsdt ? tks