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  1. Oh, and if this helps - the mouse's "on light" (they are optical mice) seem to be active until I get to the chamelion/efi bootloader. After that no luck, and if I add one post-boot it is not recognized. kext issue? bios issue?
  2. Last night I made it as far as I have ever gotten down the Hackintosh trail. I am installing on my Asus p5e-vm HDMI to figure out how difficult this whole thing is, and if it isnt TOO bad I will be buying some components to make a faux mac-pro. Anyway, last night I managed to get Snow Leopard installed using the http://osx86.sojugarden.com/installer/ approach, but I have hit a problem now that I am booting off of the install - my mouse won't work. The mouse didn't want to work during the install either, but I tried it several times and it did eventually work. Anything simple I can do to get this fixed up? I can't really finish the hack install without the mouse... or rather I don't want to try it... (i'm not a total cl nub...) Thanks for any guidance. I have tried 2 different USB mice too - no luck.