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  1. Yep, back in stock. Grab 'em while they last! 8GB http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-ser..._sku=sku1250005 16GB http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-ser..._sku=sku2530221
  2. iPhoneSimFree has now unlocked the 1.1.1 firmware which recently bricked unlocked iPhones and kept people from using their non-at&t GSM Sim cards in the iPhone. But, now the team has once again unlocked the phone for use on other carriers. More info: http://www.iphonesimfree.com/cgi-bin/iphon...ne.pl?page=home EDIT: Yes, I know a few days old, but hey, I saw nothing of it on here and just found out.
  3. Gaber

    WWDC07 Promo Ad

    You're saying we're gonna have to wait til June? Screw that...I need it NOW!
  4. Gaber


    I've got one because I pwn n00bs.
  5. Gaber


    Watch it be something like free .mac, haha.
  6. Gaber

    Software Piracy

    Im a 14 year old kid, Im not going to pay for Photoshop/Dreamweaver/Flash/etc. Its simply dumb. I do however, plan on purchasing legal copies once I am older/can afford the, . There is no other way for to get them, and all the other "lite" versions and stuff like that suck, because you can't use the core things needed in the program. I know its wrong, and I do it. If I could afford it, I'd buy it. When I can afford it, I WILL buy it, most definatley. Movies and TV Shows- I download them a lot, but only movies in theatres that I have seen, and am sure I am going to buy, Same with TV shows, If I miss an episode, I'll download. And if its something I download, its something I want to buy, so I force my self the delete the stuff once it comes out so that I HAVE to buy it.
  7. Gaber

    Best Summer Movie?

    a paper-air-plane.
  8. Gaber

    Apple strikes back?

  9. Gaber

    True Crime

    Hi, Im using an iMac Intel Core Duo w/ OS X 10.4.7, and when I boot True Crime, it gets to the logo, after the intro videos, then it just closes, and a send error report comes up. Anyone else experiencing this problem or know how to fix it?
  10. Gaber

    Simple Dual-Boot Installation

    I don't know, Im just saying, give it some time...Im not sure about doing it through disk utility, you can try I guess.
  11. Gaber

    Working Software on Leopard?

    I just run everything off my Tiger drive when Im on leopard.
  12. Gaber

    Simple Dual-Boot Installation

    Let it boot, if even it means you go in the other room for 10 minutes, do it. You can't know unless you try.
  13. Gaber

    Mixing tiger and leopard

    I know that spaces works on Tiger, but I can't get Safari to load on Tiger.