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  1. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Edit: Nevermind issue fixed.
  2. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Thanks! And with regards to your HandBrake conversions.. the 9400M/ION will only assist in programs that support GPU encoding/decoding. Currently the only program is QuickTime X on the Mac, and it won't play MKVs. But yes no other hackintosh netbook that I know of/have used plays 720p MP4 or my Keynote presentations properly.
  3. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Sucks to see that it seems like this project is completely halted. Oh well. I have a question; I need to soon reinstall my system (I'm still on F04 bios, HF1, etc). I'm going to upgrade my BIOS, and I've got icelord's F14. Is that a good one or should I go with F13? Or should I just stick with F04? Finally, does anyone have the instructions for flashing the BIOS? It was on the project thread's first post, but that post has been completely deleted. Thanks
  4. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Thanks for the info! I already have Win7 running (back from when we were on HF1) but I just wanted to know for future use. I bookmarked the page. Thanks
  5. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Nice goatee proto! Thanks for your great work on this project! Curiosity question: how did you manage to reduce the size from over 100MB to 5MB from the initial release to HF4? Side question: For installing Win7 on a new system (or after a reinstall) I suppose we can just split the hard drive during the OS X installation since you've removed Boot Camp, yes?
  6. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I really wanted to be able to use the F-keys to operate things like brightness and volume without the use of the fn button. I looked around a lot to find a program that would basically reverse the F-keys (or reverse the fn key) so that I wouldn't have to hold down fn with F11 to increase volume. No luck. Suggestion: So, I found a program called Keyboard Maestro, which lets you do pretty much just about anything using different triggers. I've set volume up to F11, down to F10, mute to F8, so no need to use the fn key any more for those. I've also set up F5, F6, F7 for different expose functions. I think this is a fantastic approach, and I encourage everyone to use this (unless you need you f keys for something else or just like the fn key). Problem: Now the problem is with brightness controls (F3/F4). The application is not able to increase brightness because our displays don't have the brightness controller in System Preferences. So I would like to know how exactly Proto got fn+f3 to increase brightness, so perhaps I could make a script to do that command using just the f3 key and program it into the app. Thanks if anyone could help out!
  7. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I'm still on HF1; didn't upgrade to HF2. I was going to upgrade to HF3 to be ready for 10.6.3, but I'm concerned with W7 booting. If I'm not mistaken, dual boot works fine under HF3? I'm only asking this because proto's post mentions "Windows overwrites boot sector."
  8. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Hey Proto, Thanks again for your continued work in the community. I was wondering if HF2 would damage anything with my Windows 7 partition by chance? Thanks!
  9. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Are you not able to use a friend's mac or something? It really is only about an hour of work. Worst case scenario, go by an Apple store and ask if you can use one of their Macs to mount your Snow Leopard disk to a USB drive because your Mac's DVD drive is not working and you want to reinstall the operating system....
  10. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I used mine for about 20 minutes today in the subway, and it read 89% by the end of my use. That gives you just a little over 3 hours for a full battery. I don't think it's possible to get 6 hours of use with this in OS X, nor do I think it's possible in Windows (installed Windows 7 last night and used it for a bit - battery seemed to drain at the same speed as in OS X).
  11. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Thanks stephanie. Those look right. So do I just connect one end and leave it sitting there or something?
  12. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I have a few small issues: - For some reason, my BT (from the G+BT stock card) sometimes disappears. I need to restart for it to come back. - I have my G+BT card in the full-size slot, without any U.FL extensions. I want to improve the range (currently only works within a few inches). Will this work? http://tinyurl.com/ykj572s Where would I plug the other end into? I would really appreciate any insight. Thanks! What I'm doing is I've got the Dell 1510 card replacing the stock G+BT card, and I've put the G+BT card into the full-size slot for bluetooth use. It mostly works under OS X (for some reason it goes away sometimes and I need to restart for it to come back). The only downside to this solution is that there are no U.fl extensions standard hooked up the full-size slot, so you will need to purchase those separately. Look for a reply to my post above; you will get your answer as well.
  13. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I had both plugged in together; worked fine.
  14. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I did the Airport Update and it somehow popped up upon restart. I didn't need to tape pin 20 as this is the stock G+BT card in the full-size slot for the BT only. I already did pin 20 taping on a Dell 1510 in the half-slot. Thanks for your help anyway though!
  15. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Well you're going to have to give it a try and see how it goes. Unfortunately, it seems like most people here had a mac around to use, so I'm sorry but I can't help you with that part...doesn't seem like anyone can. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Can you not use a friend's mac? Worst comes to worst, I suppose you'll have to buy a external DVD drive... Edit: You may be able to find an external player for cheap on Craigslist or eBay, or you can even just buy the enclosure and use an internal one if you have lying around...