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  1. macbook pro 15 vs 17

    I love my 15". I've talked to some people who think their 17s are just too big top carry around everywhere. It probably depends on you and how you use it. I hook my 15" up to my Dell 2007WFP, so the screen size isn't an issue most days. If you're going to set it on a desk and leave it there, and use the built in screen, I'd say go 17". If you're hauling it all over creation, I'd go 15". (And I did. )
  2. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Sorry for the delayed reply, with R1000. Didn't try apple driver again.
  3. ATI X1600Pro vs GeForce7300GT

    At the risk of starting a flame war... While I have never owned an X1600Pro (although I have one coming in the mail for exactly the reasons you mention) everything I have read indicates that the 7300GT is a better card at least in so far as raw gaming performance is concerned. However, this is a topic on which many people have strong biases -- I mean opinions.
  4. ok. Bummer. I was hoping there was a simple way to stabalize the machine. Thanks for the info!
  5. Hi there, I have an old Northwoord 2.4c running on an ECS PF1. The motherboard and proc should be great overclockers, but the cooling I have on them is junk, so I've been running them stock. However, when I boot into OSX, it shows the processor as 3.06Ghz. I would oridinarily assume that this is just misreporting by the OS, but I have noticed that the machine is unstable and locks up whenever it's been on for a while -- only in OSX mind you, it runs forever in windows without problems (which is kind of a feat in and of itself. ) The machine also has a Radeon 9700 Pro in it with QE and CI enabled. I suppose they could be causing instability as well, but I'm curious if there is any precedent for OSX deciding to overclock the processor? Thanks, Ted
  6. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Just to post a follow up. I replaced my card with a different Netgear GA311 and now it's working fine in both Windows and OSX.
  7. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Ok. I take it back. I just booted into windows and now the card can't get an IP there either. So apparently it has nothing to do with OSX.
  8. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Thanks, Ramm. Good info.
  9. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    I have. I can see the light change from green to amber on my Netgear GS605 (switch) letting me know that it sees the speed change. But still no love on getting the DHCP request out.
  10. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Ram, Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah. I'm running the MacVidia drivers now, and they work great, except for the QE/CI issue. That's why I want to upgrade. Based on what I hear you saying though, it's basically hit or miss. Some x1600/1800 cards work, some don't. You pay your money and take your chances. Is that correct?
  11. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    I'm having issues. Maybe someone here can help me. My motherboard has a 3com 940 on it, which is unsupported, but I had a Netgear GA311 (RTL8169) laying around so I stuck it in. OSX saw it and assigned it as en0 without the R1000 driver. However, it would not get a DHCP address. (My dhcp server is dnsmasq running on a linux box, so I can actually tail the logs, the machine isn't even requesting an address). If I manually assign an IP and gateway, I can't ping the gateway, nor can the gateway ping the machine. I have a link at both ends and both ends are negotiating 1000mb Full Duplex. So, I thought maybe the OSX driver doesn't really support my card and installed the R1000 driver. I can use kextstat and see that in fact the system is using the R1000 driver and not the built-in. Furthermore, I can run the R1000 driver in debug mode and see it "working." However, the machine still never requests a dhcp address and static assignment doesn't work. Card and cable both work fine dual booting into XP. Any ideas?
  12. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    I have just read through both Boris forums, and I now have a question. Presently I'm running 1.4.6 JaS with the 1.4.7 AMD update on an Abit NV8 (PCIe only) with a Sempron 64 (SSE3 version) in it. My graphics card is a 7300GT. I want to upgrade to get QE/CI so that I can run Final Cut Pro. My monitor is a Dell 2007WFP, so I would need to be able to run a widescreen resolution and DVI would be ideal, although not essential. Based on what I am reading, there really is no magic bullet card, even the ASUS EAX Silent card has some people with problems. Am I wrong? Is there a card that just works? Sleep mode isn't important to me, nor is resolution switching honestly, but I need to be able to run FCP so QE/CI are essential. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  13. I've been watching your thread all day for a reply. I have the same chipset on my motherboard. Oh well. As near as I can tell from here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;hl=3com+940 and the HCL, it appears that no one has made the 940 work so far. If anyone has please speak up.
  14. Sam Multimedia error ! All the time !

    Pulling the drive from another system solved this for me. No reburning, and I put the drive back as soon as OSX had loaded. Annoying, but simple. (if you have another machine)
  15. Working audio in?

    I have mic in on my Abit NV8 (nForce 4x), although it's very quiet even with the volume cranked. I've been trying to get Skype to work, but it always sounds like I'm whispering.