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  1. Yes you should register your app as being a editor/viewer for a filetype. Put something like this in your info.plist: <key>CFBundleDocumentTypes</key> <array> <dict> <key>CFBundleTypeExtensions</key> <array> <string>png</string> </array> <key>CFBundleTypeIconFile</key> <string>png</string> <key>CFBundleTypeName</key> <string>png</string> <key>CFBundleTypeOSTypes</key> <array> <string>png</string> </array> <key>CFBundleTypeRole</key> <string>Viewer</string> <key>LSTypeIsPackage</key> <false/> <key>NSPersistentStoreTypeKey</key> <string>XML</string> </dict> </array> You could also specify this in Xcode, somewhere in project or active target settings. And yes, if you register your app like this, the registrerd filetypes can also be dropped on the dock icon.
  2. PascalW

    Need help creating NSArray

    Why? There is no reason to declare all your variables in the .h file. You should only put instance variables there, all others should just be in the piece of code they belong to.
  3. Theoretically, that only happens when you quit the app. So make a button to quit the app, and the user will be returned to the application list.
  4. PascalW

    Need help creating NSArray

    First of all, if you want to be able to manipulate the array (e.g. adding/remove objects from it after its creation) you should use NSMutableArray. Second, don't use a string to save ints as objects, but use NSNumber.
  5. What language? For objective-C look at NSApp: - (BOOL)application:(NSApplication *)theApplication openFile:(NSString *)filename; - (void)application:(NSApplication *)sender openFiles:(NSArray *)filenames;
  6. PascalW

    Arrays of Objects

    Having the item class is a good thing. It aint bad to have multiple small classes. Storing data like that using arrays into a controller class is very dirty. Try keeping your GUI (controller) seperated from the 'backend' as much as possible. BTW, an NSTableView also requires implementing the - (NSInteger)numberOfRowsInTableView:(NSTableView *)aTableView; property in your datasource.
  7. True, but as I read in this case it would be appropriate to use this convention.
  8. That's pretty ineffecient. Just do something like this: float f = [self.textField.text floatValue];
  9. I assume all your buttons have text like "1", "2", "3" etc on them? Then you'd better make on event handler for all your numeric buttons, and then append the buttons text to your string. Something like this: - (void)buttonEventhandler: (id)sender { barcodeString = [barcodeString stringByAppendingString: [sender titleForState: [sender state]]]; }
  10. PascalW

    Installing Leopard

    I meant it sarcastic, ofcourse removing xcode won't do the trick since the checks are in the osinstall.mpkg as you all know.
  11. PascalW

    Installing Leopard

    Dunno if removing xcode will do the trick, but you can also edit the destribition file within osinstall.mpkg to allow installation on <800mhz proc.You'll need xar though.
  12. Or I could make a combo installer...Maybe when I have some spare time this week.
  13. To get one thing clear, this is a delta update, wich mean you cannot uprgrade from anything but from 10.4.9 to 10.4.10. So ofcourse it will fail if you try to upgrade from 10.4.8 or something.
  14. PascalW

    10.4.10 Upgrade Sucessful

    Updated AMD 10.4.10 package on irc now. It is updated with new kernel, .10 system.kext, let's you keep your working loginwindow, will not install .10 graphic card kexts by default since they are causing a lot of trouble. If you do want to install them, hit custom install and select .10 graphic card kexts.
  15. PascalW

    10.4.10 Upgrade Sucessful

    Nice to see people helping eachother here. Today I'll make a new intel package, with .10 kernel, r3d3, .4 loginwindow. Aside to that I'll make the .10 nvidia/ati kexts optional to install since they are causing a lot of problems. And it is very important that your system.kext matches your kernel version. So with .9 kernel we needed .9 system.kext. When you update your kernel to .10 you need .10 system.kext