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  1. not the m2npv-vm. it's a killer price for the offering, but no support of Video, ethernet or sound as of yet. i think.
  2. 1- Does not show the GUI 2- Seems to continue working 3- IGPU not finding something GeForce 6150 Turbocache'd, Integrated on a M2NPV-VM. See sig.
  3. nForce570 problems?

    There seems to be a problem with the MSI nForce570s... That's why I went and got a refund for mine, and got a M2NPV-VM instead. nf4, works with all already.
  4. Asus M2NPV-MX GeForce 6150 SKAM2

    i customised mine to have the amd patches, base patches, and that's all i think.
  5. Asus M2NPV-MX GeForce 6150 SKAM2

    did you customize your kernel?
  6. hey, i managed to get SSE3 from MY am2 (okay, i never got the fking system to boot, damn msi)!
  7. ouchies. anyway, mods can close this topic, i managed to negociate the seller taking back the mobo and give me another one, that works this time. (i f***ing knew MSI was a waste of time and monies.) I'm getting a M2N standard. No need for SLI; there's four RAM sockets; 2 PCIE1, 1 PCIE16, 3PCI; SATA partially supported; and the important thing: it supposedly werks.
  8. Normal Bumpage. Anyone got ANY theories? There's people that reported success with SLI AM2 motherboards... Which ones? I may well be able to get one of those, my Motherboard is still under store warranty ^^
  9. Hey guys. I'm currently having major issues booting OS10 on my new motherboard. I've tried disabling ACPI, APIC, the PCI-IDE thing, SATA, fixing the RTC in the kernel, nothing wants to work. Config: MSI K9N Platinium SLI (nForce570-based) AMD Athlon64 3500+ single core, socket AM2 512mb RAM ( will upgrade, stfu ) 120gb IDE PATA drive for OSX, will buy a SATA {censored} for XP/Linux Video: nVidia 6200-based Sound: Live! 5.1 PCI (old school) tried the idlehalt, idehalt, blah. without cpus=1, it craps at the PCI thing, saying the reported cpus outweigh the actual cpus with cpus=1, it freezes at the cluster io buffer... thingy? Anyone got through this before?
  10. Good Bye

    JaS: Thanks for the install DVDs. They've been useful, though i'd like to know how to make one myself, to shorten the install time on my laptop (the 10.4.6 didn't have ATI ATA drivers, the 10.4.7 did). Again, thanks for all. Your work was useful. And I really hope you get back to your "unofficial scene role" after pissing off noobs for four or five months To the Noobies: 1- STFU. 2- RTFM. 3- If (all else fails) {GTFO;}
  11. First of all, i'd recommend moving to a PCI-X graphics card. Second, I'd recommend having a graphics card model that's approximately the same as one of those in the current intelMacs Third, personnaly, i'd take an nForce chipset. so, i'm recommending nForce4 + GeForce 7300 GT and an IDE drive, as sata may be unstable.
  12. The Torsoise and, well, me...

    did you try the ATI ATA patch? ATI X200 chipset support truly sucks in OSX...
  13. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    last time i checked, the driver didn't work for me. had to do with smc or something like that, and the driver and kernel versions not being recognized properly. jas 10-4-6 brand new, amd turion64 SSE3.
  14. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    note: latest doesn't work with 10-4-6.
  15. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    i second 1<3's post