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    sigmatel STAC9750T ac97 problems

    That's very strange that your audio doesn't work... I installed 10.4.6 Myz on my Latitude D810 and the audio, though it struggled at first, works perfectly! Actually, the system profiler doesn't recognize it and proceeds to tell me that I have no audio but iTunes and QuickTime both play sound beautifully.
  2. GameDr04

    [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    Well, people seem to be throwing their problems on the table and getting fast responses so here goes... I tried, a few times, the instructions listed on the first page with my x600 Mobility and b008 but was left with a hanging black screen just before the OS's GUI loads. So, I tried b006 and everything seemed to have installed fine. QE/CI are both present and the kext was loaded perfectly - NO PERFORMANCE CHANGE. The graphics are still as slow as when I initially booted the OS. It gets weirder. When I go to change the resolution, I'm sent back to that same hanging black screen and must manually cut the power in order to have a working computer, again. Sometimes it goes on its own; other times, I have to single-click on another selectable resolution but either way, it goes without fail. What's frustrating is somebody mentioned a few posts ago that he got his x600 working fine with the b008 release..! DevID: 3150 Any thoughts?