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  1. Slow USB transfers

    In disk utility select the thumb drive and select partition drive. Then select guid partition. format osx journaled. this should do it.
  2. Didnt work, now i have a highlighed mouse, that jumps (tears) I will remove the software. 10.5.6 - iPC 2x 2.1GHZ 4core Opterons 2352 4gigs ECC ram 4850 Visiontek 2x Dual Link DVI w/ 512MB DDR5 ram. Natit video
  3. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Try the displayconfigx app. That might help you if all you need is a display res change.
  4. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    5. from your terminal launch gfxutil with the following argument without quotes '-i xml -o hex AAAA BBBB', where AAAA is the location of the plist you saved, and BBBB is the location of the hex file you just created from the plist. How is the above part done? I got a little lost here. My specialty is vjing and all the fun stuff that comes with it like compression, transmission, color mixing etc. Hex code is like mandarin to me any help will be appreciated, and perhaps I would be able to answer video questions... (I am refferring to the BBBB part, how is the file stored is it just copying the code from earlier. Perhaps someone could post code here as an example?) Thanks everyone for helping all this osx86ness happen!
  5. A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    ipc 10.5.6, generic install - PCEFI9 (default) Then I rebooted and used used your driver instructions and now QE/CI work PERFECTLY. DELL SC1435 SERVER 1u 2x 2.1GHz Quadcore 2352 Opterons w 2MB L2 & 2MB L3 cache. 4850 Radeon with 2x DVI Spillter, pushing 4 monitors. Lexicon Alpha external usb audio. Simply badass. 4850 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Download this to your desktop, and run the installation package. Don't restart just yet: [Rapidshare.de] http://rapidshare.de/files/45661062/7_rade...rivers.pkg.html [Mediafire] http://www.mediafire.com/?mz1leyhyolh [badongo] http://www.badongo.com/file/13612115 [DepositFiles] http://depositfiles.com/en/files/pxf70804a 2. Download this: http://rapidshare.de/files/46870770/ATY_Motmot.kext.zip.html and install the kext file with Kext Helper. 3. Reboot with -f -v (kextcache/verbose mode). www.youtube.com/fr3qnast3
  6. EBIOS Read Error: Error 0x04

    if that is the solution, im doomed... im booting off a usb key, on to a usb hard disk:( oh well gotta work it out
  7. ATI 4670 Kernel Panic on 10.6.2 (ATIRadeonX2000.kext)

    are you using frambufferdisabler? do you have the new ati v.3 installer or the imac 2009 kexts? im gonna try getting the efi string from an imac in an apple store. if you dont hear from me, im prob in jail or sumthin. i need that string!
  8. [UPGRADE] Nvidia 7900GS to ATI 4670

    did you get the new imac 2009 kexts?
  9. ATI HD 4670 system ok but dont display nothing

    try a different kernel. try modbin v7 - just a suggestion... i have 4670 also, i too cant install the kexts for the 4670. also try the empire EFI... cant hurt could you please go to: about this mac (upper left corner) select more info save file as: then post that on here? I want to see what kexts drive your system piece
  10. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    Thx for the above, but I am wondering why I get a "unable to change file mode on ..." all the files. I booted directly in to darwin, and if I execute from the terminal, i get a KP on the kextload ati... any advice? Thanks for your post again, and thx for the installer oh great apple gurus! I used empire efi (AMD) version and sn 104a32. updated with official update to 10.6.2 from apple. replaced the kernel with modbin's new 10.6.2 kernel for AMD. I am using a 4670, which is close to yours, and I too am having difficulty getting the kexts to load with this installer. So in a nutshell, try empire EFI, and a different kernel, or perhaps 32 bit mode. oh I gotta go! dsmos has arrived no mobility support yet, as per netkas. its in earlier pages in the thread. sell the card, get something in the list from here: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.6.2 piece
  11. Marvin's AMD Utility

    i have a suggestion, but highly improbable... install *any* version of osx in a virtual machine, and run the patcher there. I know this sounds dumb, but I have a VM of windows just to run keygens piece
  12. Do ATi 4670 and 4650 cards work under OSX?

    its getting there... I got a kext to load, thx to several different posts I found on this board... but the 4600 frame buffer is tricky or not happening on 10.6.0/10.6.1 need to be 10.6.2- and my system wont do it:( here is a link to some early files: http://rapid4me.com/?q=ati+radeon+hd+4670+driver+mac+os+x make sure ALL you data is backup up proper, dont come crying to me about this or that. I do my edits on a 16gb thumb drive. when it hits the fan, i restore or edit, so I am never out of luck youtube.com/fr3qnast3
  13. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    THANK YOU!!! Device ID 0x09490 Chipset model: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Type GPU bus PCIe 8x:( <I had to melt the slot to fit a 16x card> no qe/ci but {censored} its accelerated color! Im using a 1" dell rackmount server, and I hope to get this card going with 10.6.2 or .3 so I can release a thumbdrive hoem (hacked oem) with your package. otherwise ill sell it and just go nvidia:( but this card is awesome for the power usage (about 70watts), 1 slot piece youtube.com/fr3qnast3 I have visiontek, same ID it has 1 hdmi, 1 dvi, 1 vga how about yours? same?
  14. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    thx for the effort, trying to work this out on a VisionTek 4670 1GB DELL SC1435 (modded 8x slot to fit the card) will report in a few hours