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  1. I just completed a major upgrade to a Haswell i7 on a GA-H87-D3H motherboard. Can't afford a new graphics card so I'm using my old GTS250. It works perfectly EXCEPT for Viewer mode in Aperture. Photoshop and Lightroom are fine, as is thumbnail views in Aperture, but when I switch to full screen Viewer mode I get a highly distorted image. Look at attachment. I've tried creating a new library and importing new images but nothing changes. Any help gratefully received! Addendum: I just noticed that I get the same type of image in the map window of Apple's new Maps app. See the attachment for a screen shot.
  2. I have a fully functioning Hackintosh and am desperate to keep it that way. ;-) I'm currently running 10.6.2 and want to upgrade to 10.6.4. If I remove the SleepEnabler.kext and run the combo updater am I good to go or will I have to jump through some more hoops? I'm terrified that I'll run the installer and be left with a blank screen on re-boot... or worse.
  3. Well, this certainly is a learning curve, isn't it ;-) While I was waiting for an answer to my GTS 250 question I attempted a couple of suggestions from elsewhere and completely trashed my OS. So I went back and re-installed right from the beginning. This time I only got 1200 X 1024 graphics and no built-in ethernet. I finally discovered how to modify the boot plist by using step 8 in the script. I got my graphics card back to multiple resolutions, but still no QE or CI. But as far as ethernet goes... well, it isn't. POST sees both ports but at the end of the boot sequence, I get AppleRTL8169E Unknown Hardware Version ID (28000000) AppleRTL8169E Unknown Hardware Version ID (29000000) I've made sure the BIOS settings are correct, and I've tried a couple of different kexts. I've also tried DD's suggestion of unplugging the box, as well as resetting the CMOS switch and resetting the BIOS, all to no avail. Anybody got any ideas on either my QE/CI or LAN problems? I'd really like to get this all behind me so I can put this box to good use. Suggestions gratefully received. Well, excuse me, I'm a bit of an idiot! I didn't realize that Apple had removed the confirmation of QE and CI from the System Profile/Graphics window. I've done the appropriate tests, and I do indeed have a fully functioning graphics card. Now if I can only get that pesky ethernet port working, I can really get on with things. I guess persistance really pays off. Out of desperation I moved the ethernet kext out of Extras to /S/L/E and ethernet was recognized even before I re-booted. All seems well now. Haven't tried sleep yet, but I'll worry about that later.
  4. I still haven't figured out QE and CI on my GTS 250. I've tried several recommended methods but there's just so many ways to do things that I'm always worried I'll screw things up. System Profiler now lists the card as a GTS 250 and all the resolutions are present, but no QE or CI. Any suggestions? Although sleep works perfectly it wakes to a black screen. I'm using built-in ethernet with Psystar Realtech100 kext and I'm in 32-bit mode. Finally, my only other experience with a hackintosh is my Dell mini9. When I boot it I don't see any of the command line during boot. I just see the grey apple and "whirling rays," just like a real Mac. On this install I just get a black screen like when you boot in single-user mode, until the solid blue screen kicks in. Can I fix that?
  5. The last of my hardware arrived today and I finally got to boot my new Hackintosh for the 1st time. Amazingly it booted up and most everything works as advertised. I now have 10.6.1 installed and all my files moved over. Haven't tried sleep yet but will later tonight. My 2 most pressing problems are graphics and sound. I have a GTS 250 card. From the get-go all the resolutions showed up, but no QE or CI. I tried Aquamac's script and the correct card now shows up in System Profiler, but I can't seem to get QE or CI working. All the forums give you a massive information overload, and I seem to keep going around in circles. And you never know if older info will work with newer versions of the OS. Any ideas on a fix to get graphics and sound working properly would be greatly appreciated.