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  1. Geez...not sure how I missed this 'short' post lol....totally awesome info and Actually cut and pasted some of it for future reference. Thanks for taking this time....even if it was over 3 months ago
  2. Awww...thanks for that. My wife and I are driving down this weekend to play a gig with her. I'm a drummer and totally pumped to do this with a full band and back-up singers and all. Thanks and you can say I'm a pretty proud uncle. You should check out her facebook - songs and vids etc...... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Renee-Spencer/218128495848? Her second song was released to contemporary christian and you can download it directly from her site free here: http://www.reneespencermusic.com/Take%20Me%20Deeper.mp3
  3. Pretty cool this past weekend, my niece had her first bigger concert. She only did two songs, but overall, it was pretty darn cool and a heap of fun. We got to 'hobknob' (whatever that even means) with all the bigger stars - Buddy Jewel, Andy Griggs, and Bryan White. It was so cool for her to have a merch table alongside all these other guys. I got to hang out and talk with all of them and was assigned to take all the 'meet and greet' fans back to meet them etc.... http://www.reneespencermusic.com
  4. Pretty cool.....Jesse McCartney's mom was planning to fly in to see her spring musical, Sound of Music, where she had the lead role, Maria. Well, it just so happened Atlanta was all but shut down the night before and it didn't happen. She is coming back in May for a visit. We'll see what doors that may open up.....who knows, right? Anyway, she has a huge week coming up, singing a couple songs at a pretty big show. She posted this on her facebook and her first song.... "Download My Song - "A Few Things" - My first song released is moving up It started in the 70s....jumped in the 40s, and now it is in the 30s, according to Powersource Magazine. Please download it, listen, and share it with your facebook friends and family: http://www.reneespencermusic.com/A%20Few%20Things.mp3 Many of you are not on my mailing list and really should be lol. Do me a favor and go to http://www.reneespencermusic.com and sign up. It's simply your name and email addy. Don't forget May 1st - http://www.faithfamilycountrytour.com "
  5. I haven't been around in ages and felt like I should update you guys, as you have been helpful and responsive. Some doors are opening Renee Spencer - Faith Family Country Tour - Check It http://www.faithfamilycountrytour.com/ - 8 Artists - Billy Dean, Buddy Jewel, Tommy Brandt, Bryan White, Andy Griggs, Barry McGee, and Your's Truly - RENEE Her CD was recently reviewed in an international Country Music Magazine with the following: "Christian music with a country vibe running through the tracks. This sixteen-year-old from Indiana possesses a powerful, emotional voice with an edginess that is tailor-made for modern country music, but on this debut album she takes the less-obvious route down the Christian backroads. The studio band comprises veteran country musos who have toured and played with the likes of Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Alan Jackson, Collin Raye, Jamie Johnson, Randy Travis, John Conlee, Jeff Bates, etc. With such pedigrees, you expect nothing but the best and that's precisely what you get. This excellent album entails proficient musicality and collectively displays a uniquely sophisticated mix of modernisitic Chrsitian songs. Highlights include "I'll Build A Bridge", which delivers a great message about getting back to the basics of worship and features pedal steel and an uplifting chorus. A touch of country flavour comes to mind when hearing the delightful "You Are There". Renee's pure timbre creates a vocal performance that leaves a lasting emotional impression. The title song is representative of the overall upbeat, energetic vibe of the record with some neat electric guitar. The riveting "Take Me Deeper" takes on the sounds of more conventional contemporary Christian music, consummated by heavenly chorus background vocals. "Amazed" features soaring vocal harmonies and meoldy cleverly layered to provide amazing depth and beauty to the track. Fans of spiritual and Chrisitan tunes will find enlightenment in this heartfelt collection. A fine debut from a talented youngster, but I'd really like to see Renee going down the conventional country road, as I feel that she could give the likes of Taylor, Carrie and LeAnn a run for their money. AC" You can check out her myspace and website at: www.reneespencermusic.com www.myspace.com/reneespencermusic
  6. Thank you...I thought so too....well, at least I sometimes get goosebumps
  7. My niece wants to sing and is pretty darn good at it. She has had lead parts in her School musicals and recently has done some recording in Nashville. She has just set up a youtube section with some videos of parts she has done. I think she is pretty talented and has a super voice, especially for her age, but then again, I can't carry a tune if my life depended on it. Well, and I am her Uncle, so I suppose I am a little bias. If you want to see what she has done so far, her youtube site is http://www.youtube.com/user/ReneeSpencerMusic - there are clips from her last musical with solos and some from a studio recording session. She has a myspace too - http://www.myspace.com/reneespencermusic with some clips from her CD. If you can leave some words of encouragement, that would be amazing and appreciated! If anyone has experience and can share with me ideas, I would love to help her out. I had dreams when I was a kid. Obviously, they didn't involve singing, but any way I can help her, is all good. Thanks everyone.