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  1. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    Thats a really nice guide, Thanks!
  2. Just see this on digg, i've hardly got 10.4.8 running I broke it last night
  3. DVR-111DBK Stopped reading CD's...

    Anyone? or have i gotta buy a new one
  4. Hello my DVR-111DBK drive was reading cd's fine but now all of a sudden it stopped and does this clicking noise (guess its the head pissing about) but get this it reads DVD's fine it wont run like when the PC is booting up neither eg windows cd and doesnt work in any other PC (does that same thing so guessing its a hardware fault) I tried a range of cd's but nothing - Tom
  5. I thought i'd buy myself a nice mac compatible keyboard with extra buttons and all the mac keyboard layout etc however the included driver (1.6) only partly worked but the main media controls dont (vol up down mute works) i install the latest version of drivers and it killed the media controls altogether uninstalled it with standard drivers bulit in like and I have got mute and vol working I dont know if its because II have a MX1000 as my mouse which sometimes get detected in the logetish software but never the keyboard its 1.08am so im abit tired not sure if that makes sense :S - Tom
  6. Logitech Leopard Mouse

    Dont forget the Tiger Mouse Lepards and Jaguars have the same type of fur?
  7. Good Bye

    I am very new but I do know that hard work shouldn't go unoticed thankyou for helping create the community we have today, some of the younger generation just don't understand how hard it is to do the work you have done and thats sadening Anyways thanks for everything you have done.
  8. Weird Torrent Peers

    Did you do a WHOIS on the IP's? looks like AOHELL http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/whois.ch?ip=...9&cache=off http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/whois.ch?ip=...3&cache=off i've had this before but someone did it with my webcam i was uploading to 91 peers but no data requested... really wierd...
  9. Ok the list said this Need to disable the Plug and Play BIOS and Change BSD Name to en1 instead of en0 and change IOInterface - integer to 1 in NetworkInterfaces.plist I sudo nano'd the file but all i could find was IOInterfaceUnit not IOInterface
  10. This for my hackintosh First of all is my wireless PCi Belkin F5D7000 v3 (Ralink RT2500) and 2 webcams one is: A labtec (basic webcam) is detected in windows as Logitech QuickCam Express and the other is Trust WB-1400T they are both USB webcams and i'm hoping that it will work with this >> "evocam" and that will do the same job as WebcamXP... thanks - Tom
  11. Computer Names

    My are boring they are WAP, TAP and JAP just the initials of the owners lol if the onswer has 2 computers it becomes TAP2 etc
  12. Whats your website/forum?

    I only own a blog... http://www.tomwrote.info
  13. Pirates! arrrr matey!

    I noticed that my apple fanboy mates don't like me having a hackintosh... when it gets here... >_<
  14. Introduce Yourself

    Arrr damnit I didnt see this thread and started my own http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=25257
  15. Its my name I also go by: Tom TomP tapnet TomParker TParker17 or 18