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  1. HD 4600 & Z97X-UD 7 TH - Trying to get 60hz @4k

    Ended up getting a GTX 750. Problem Solved
  2. HD 4600 & Z97X-UD 7 TH - Trying to get 60hz @4k

    The HDMI port on the gigabyte board is maxing out at 24/30hz?? so DP is the way to go.
  3. HD 4600 & Z97X-UD 7 TH - Trying to get 60hz @4k

    SwitchResX 'works' with a customized res at 3840x2160 @60hz but its kinda unsharp (like squinting). Will dig deeper and contiune to post my findings here.
  4. HD 4600 & Z97X-UD 7 TH - Trying to get 60hz @4k

    Dp 1.2 cable. 10.10.5, latest clover and bios too
  5. Hi, I'm building a music hack along with a Philips BDM4065UC (4k Monitor) and can't get the Internal graphics card to output the maximun res. When booting Win 8.1 it goes full res but at 30hz. Screen set do Display Port 1.2 - Works great with a MacBookPro late 13 so the monitor and cable is good to go. Any tips on clover settings such Plist and Smbios (Currently iMac 14.2) or whatever else I might have missed would be much appreciated. Thanks, Musikprylar
  6. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Hi everyone. Everything's working great now as reported in my previous post. Just got my Dell 1510 wifi card too so Wi-Fi is up and running too. Re USB: Think I used Lion Boot Maker (might have done a Diskutil restore too, can't rememner) However, the problem was solved when taking out the npci flag from the bootlist. Next time I do something I should document it clearly. Now it's just a blur in my head, but happy to help anyone else If I can.
  7. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    EDIT: Got past the error by taking out the npci=0x2000 string and choosing BuiltInEthernet=No in the boot.plist. Loureiro, I followed your guide to the minute but get stuck at devfs_kernal_mount : failed to find directory / (please see attached pic) during the install process. https://www.dropbox....uuc/photo-1.JPG I've googled the above but couldn't find any useful info at all. Worth mentioning is that I'm using 10.8.2 as my boot source and not 10.8.0. Also, Hacked 0326 Bios with ACHI selected and 2 GB of RAM (which seems right for the supplied DSDT) If you, or anyone else got a clue what might cause this please chime in. Thanks in advance, Jens
  8. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Just wanted to share that I've successfully installed my old airport wi-fi card from the 1st gen MacBook into the ASUS 1201n. Despite the apple card not being mini sized it actually fits if you cut the metallic bezel that holds the hard drive in place. Harddrive is still firmly seated with three screws and so far the card, that can't be held in place by a screw as there's no screw hole for a full sized card on the MB seems to be seated quite well from the pressure of the lid, after it comes back on. So if you have an old battered MacBook, no need to buy the Dell 1510 card, unless you want N wi-fi speed. /Musikprylar