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  1. What Kext Files do you have in your /E/E folder?
  2. Which LegacyHDA did you use to get this working? Do you have sound in 5.1 or is it only on the front speakers?
  3. Not sure, maybe I have something wrong in my DSDT file. I know that while I have that kext in the in /E/E directory, all drives seem to be shown correctly. As soon as I remove it, a number of the drives start to appear as external drives. I will try it again, maybe things will be different now that I removed the NullCPU Kext. Thx
  4. @JHenley Thank you for the tip on the EIST. After setting that to enabled and removing the NULLCPUPower... Kext, I ran the 32bit Geekbench test 6 times in succession and all was good. The score seems to have gone done from 9800 to 9400, but otherwise it seemed to behave well. I then tried the 64 bit Geekbench test and my score came back at around 11000. Definitely cannot complain based on what I have read in the various posts. Thank you again. I suppose my next task should be finding out how to remove the IOACHIBlockInjector.kext from /E/E folder. With that in there, my SATA drives behave the way they should and all show as internal drives, If I remove that Kext, then my internal drives, other than the ones connected to the Gigabyte SATA ports appear as external drives. The opposite to what I have read in the posts it seems.
  5. @JHenley01 Ok, thx for the reply, I will try that and report back on what I see.
  6. So enabled the advanced options, removed the NullCPU kext. When I restarted and tried Geekbench 32bit, I got a better score than before on the first attempt at 10500, previous high was around 9900. I tried geekbench a second time to try and get an average, I got a kernel panic instead. to date I have not received this when inside Snow Leopard. I changed the advanced options to auto again, and restarted. The score went down to 4316. So at this point I think I am still better off with leaving NullCPU in the /E/E folder instead of trying to enable the advanced options and removing that. Not sure how others have fared with this. I did also make the change to that Rekursor mentioned related to the UUID.
  7. Thanks tmongkol I will try and compare these tomorrow when I get back home. My current sound is working after use the AppleHDA Patcher program as mentioned earlier, so I think the info.plist might be slightly different, but I will see what I can find. Should I use any particular set of files from the first post, or are they going to be all simialr. for example should I use the 3 Out/2 In or the 4 Out/In etc. Thx
  8. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or guidance related to this earlier post by myself. I feel I am so close and yet something just does not make sense with the line out settings. Thx
  9. When I look at the Audio pref panel in System Preferences, I see the Line Outs listed as follows: Line Out / Line Out / Line Out / Line Out I am thinking they should be listed as their own channels this way Line Out Line Out Line Out Line Out Could somebody help me to confirm what I should be seeing? If it should be the latter, any ideas on what I need to change to correct this. Thx
  10. @TMongkol Hi, I read thru a bunch of the posts here, and I was wondering if you could help with completing the fix for my audio on Snow Leopard. What I have done to date: 1. I created a codec dump of my audio, ALC889a, information using Ubuntu 2. I used the AppleHDA Patcher v1.2 to Patch the AppleHDA.kext using the codec dump 3. I downloaded and Installed the VoodooHDA.kext from Kexts.com 4. My DSDT has been patched for the HDEF using the information from the DSDTSE application. It currently has pin configurations in the DSDT as well Sound is working from from the Front Left, Center, Front Right and the Sub Woofer. I do not get any sound from the Rear speakers. I am assuming I have something that needs to be fixed in either the DSDT or the info.plist files that were patched. When I open the configuration for the Audio/Midi setup, I only see 2 output components, and hence Stereo is the only option for Speaker setup, I have no options under Multi-Channel Setup My machine specs are listed in my signature, and I am attaching my current AppleHDA and DSDT Files in case you need to look at them. I am hoping you will be able to guide me as you have on others. Thx and let me know if you need any additional information. Update When I look at the Audio pref panel in System Preferences, I see the Line Outs listed as follows: Line Out / Line Out / Line Out / Line Out I am thinking they should be listed as their own channels this way Line Out Line Out Line Out Line Out Could somebody help me confirm if this assumption is true or not? If it should be the 2nd version, any ideas what I need to change to get that corrected. AppleHDA.kext.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  11. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I already have this in my current DSDT and I tried the files on the post by Treky and had no luck to be honest. I suppose I will keep searching.... As for the SATA drives. They will only show as internal as long as I have the IOACHI.... in my extra folder. If I take that kext out, the 2 drives that I have connected to the Gigabyte SATA ports(blue), show up as external drives on the desktop. I have not looked at that again to be honest, as I did not think that was causing any issues. Thx
  12. @Rekursor I am still trying to get my sound to work properly on an P55 UD4P. I came across this post and was wondering if I need to change my Pinconfigurations section in the DSDT to get them to work. If I use the IOreg utility and look at the HDEF section the Pinconfiguration values are different compared to what I have in my DSDT. Is that normal or do I need to sync them up? Also, how do I determine what value goes where when I am reading this IOREG information. Thx
  13. I tried that, and my sound switched from the back speakers to the center and the subwoofer only. Nothing from the other speakers. There has to be something else going one. I am using Logitech speaker setup with 3 connectors at the back of the machine. I tried this with the DSDT on Tony's site and also my own DSDT that I have been modifying. The same with both. Not sure what else I can check to be honest
  14. I tried this, and now it seems I am getting sound from the Sub Woofer and the Front Center speaker, and nothing else. When I look at the Legacy Kext in the /S/L/E folder the name is highlighted in a light blue color. Not sure what that means or how to fix that.