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  1. PM for driver .dmg its too big too post here. Reboot run the installer reboot, you should be totally fine now. these drivers work in 10.5.x
  2. Crazy Pixel Screen After Install

    I used ideneb 1.5.1. The install completes, restarts shows the apple logo, and right before when it would normally start the completed video so i can finish the install the screen gets crazy. I didnt select any video options under the custiomization
  3. 10.5.7 Can't Get Past Install [solved]

    So the update on this is i start it up and it gets to the chamleon bootloader screen. i start with -v and the same crazy pixel screen starts. Im assuming this is a video driver issue? I have never fully complted the install ie. add my name and all that, can i still instal a ktext package i found for my card?
  4. Problem booting into OS X

    What do your bios Settings look like?
  5. Hello, this is my following hardware Mobo: Asus P5E-VM DO processor: core 2 duo e4600 HDD: WD 80 GB - sata HDD 2: WD 320 GB -sata IDE dvd-rw Pioneer USB External DVD ATI 3850 Radeon video. I am able to boot into the install dvd, partion, and verify the disc. I go to customize and only add my wireless and wired card. it installs fine, and then it goes to reboot, am getting a super funky screen full of almost plaid like pixels. can't read anything after that, i went and added the ATI 3800 series drivers from the install dvd. The screen booted up all black, but i was able to move the mouse cursor around. the next time it booted up with the hardware panic and could never finish the install. Before this i was able to install using indeb 1.4 with no customazation options without the ATI card in. and it worked. Booted with -x into safe mode. finished the install. Added the 3800 series installer package, restarted twice, and boom it worked.