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  1. I have the Dell 1397. It is a Broadcom chipset and most Broadcom chipsets work very well with OS X.
  2. I was able to output 1080i and 720p to my HDTV via HDMI no problem (except for the small cropping of the borders).
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Selecting Natit during iAtkos v7 install gave me full graphics. I'm not sure what's wrong with the iDeneb build. Has anyone had any success with audio? I can confirm VoodooHDA yields crackling noise. Otherwise everything works for me including wireless.
  4. I installed iDeneb (OSX 10.5.7) with the Broadcom wireless drivers as the only addition. Installing the Natit.kext on this thread with or without the display overides gives me a panic on boot. I would try the DSDT, but I don't know how to install that. Any other suggestions? Thanks, MrFuzzemz
  5. Is what you've listed everything that needs to be done to get graphics working properly? I added the attached Display overides folders and installed the attached Natit.kext, repairs permissions and I get a panic when I restart. Removing the Natit.kext manually allows me to boot again. I have a 1600x900 screen by the way. Anything I forgot or should try? Thanks. I should also let people know that with the Dell 1397 wireless card airport works perfectly with the Broadcom drivers.
  6. ASUS A8JS

    I got a blackscreen when using leopard. What kexts did you use? Still no luck with line out.
  7. ASUS A8JS

    I checked it out and noticed that you did indeed set it up for 512MB. If you use the openGL extension viewer it does say 512MB so it is likely just some issue with the system profiler. As far as Leopard goes, I've installed it and run it. I get native resolution on first boot (after the apple loading screen goes to blue, the screen turns black and I'm left with nothing but the cursor or beach ball--in native resolution!.) If this issue is solved then things would go very nicely. Sound works as well.
  8. ASUS A8JS

    Wow. It works! I've waited so long for this. It still says only 256MB VRAM in system profiler. Did you not edit that in Natit?
  9. ASUS A8JS

    Which DVD did you use to install 10.4.10? or did you upgrade to 10.4.10? If so, how did you upgrade to 10.4.10? Thanks so much! I am very excited to get this going.
  10. ASUS A8JS

    Wow. I never thought the day would come. Which install DVD did you use? And is it 10.4.9 or 10.4.10? Would I only have to use this Natit file or would I also have to process my EDID? Thanks so much!
  11. ASUS A8JS

    We have been able to get native resolution with MacVidia, but not in 10.4.9. It works well with 10.4.8. If you want to talk NVidiaEFI the best thing to do would be to head over to the MacVidia forums on NVidiaEFI where it is being developed. Good luck! And be sure to report back here if you get anything!
  12. geforce go 7600 512MB

    Ah. Well that's too bad. Maybe someday someone will figure something out.
  13. geforce go 7600 512MB

    Do you say "up" as in you've gotten further? I have the GeForce Go 7700 512MB in my notebook and was able to use MacVidia to get full resolution (1440x900) with 10.4.8. I have only been able to get 1024x768 with 10.4.9 and higher. It'd be great if more progress was made with this!
  14. ASUS A8JS

    Speedstep seems okay. I haven't tried using an external monitor. I think it's a Realtek ALC882 audio chipset. I should also say that I use Linux as my main operating system with Windows and OSX86 just to fool around in.
  15. ASUS A8JS

    Well I've recently upgraded to 2GB and it works fine, and detected 2GB, so who knows? Both cores work and the AR5BXB6 works natively--even the LED. After installing MacVidia you have to remove a kext--GeForce... something .kext if I remember correctly.