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  1. Help Screen Resolution X200 Mobility?

    callisto b008: Installation Ok Starting with -v: Callisto is loading. Show 8 Steps, 1280*800 *default. Black screen. On the troubleshoot.html i loaded with the zip with the Callisto.kext and CallistoHAL.kext is: Out of range?! It's working on several X200M, and in Windows xp it does work with 1280*800,too If i change the CallistoUseAltPLLMethod the CallistoHal just initilised, no more and the pc won't boot up. I'm a little bit confused. I do all of the introductions, change id etc. chmod, chown, delete Extension.mkext. Any Ideas?
  2. Help Screen Resolution X200 Mobility?

    a test calisto 03 (i read this one work) and follow the installation introductions (change the device id in the info.plist, deleted the extension.mkext, reboot- same) now i will try calisto 08. you own radeon x200 mobility pcie?
  3. Help Screen Resolution X200 Mobility?

    Hello all I read and read and read how to get my x200m work right. no chance i read ever and ever again. unique memory architectur. Now what i want: No kext for the Graphiccard is loaded, failed to 1024*768 (4:3) But i got a Amilo A1650 with a 15,4" TFT (16:10) 1024*768 looks very bad and it is not good for the eyes. More is not possible under Display in the system preferences Want to get 1280*800. not more. Hope anyone can help me please. Please a full guide or a kext where i don't have change something (new at mac) System: Amilo 1650 AMD Turion 1800 Mhz ATI Radeon X200 Mobility 100GB Samsung HDD 2GB RAM Vendor ID and the REV ID i can attach (if needed) Hope you understand what i mean (sorry i am german) Chris