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  1. Thanks! What got it working was: These instructions (except using the kext's you linked to http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=175372 SL_PS2_Voodoo.zip) Thanks again!
  2. I have an HP dv6500t, and a vanilla snow leopard install updated to 10.6.3, and I cannot for the life of me get the trackpad or keyboard to work. I can use a USB keyboard and mouse, but would like to get the laptop ones working. I've followed these instructions, but with no success: http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php?topic=257.0 Any suggestions?
  3. I have a dual monitor setup with 10.5.6, and everything works perfectly, however, I have my second monitor turned sideways (if you haven't tried this, it makes browsing the web and reading pdf's 1000x better), however every time I reboot OSX forgets my screen roation setting of 90degrees. It remembers everything else, and when I change it back to 90degrees it even remembers the exact alignment! Any suggestions?
  4. Can anyone link me to the appropriate kext for my sound. I have a p5w-dh-deluxe and the sound is realtek ALC882. I've tried a couple different threads with instructions, but still no luck. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Torrents on osx?

    port is open, i did find one torrent that got to around 300, but i have tried 15 others and am getting onyl around 80-90. I get a minimum of 180 like 99% of the time in windows. perhaps it's just transmission?
  6. Torrents on osx?

    On windows I use utorrent, and pull on average between 200 and 600 kbps download speeds on torrents. On osx,I am using transmission, and am getting nothing over 80 kbps. What can I do to increase my down speed?
  7. I have 2 hdds, one with vista, and one with osx. I installed osx from inside windows using the flat leopard image. Everyhting worked flawlessly. I then, needed to resize the partitions, since it was using only 15gb out of 500gb, with the rest empty. I followed these instructions: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...rt=#entry497648 which worked in osx, and it recognized it now as 1 big partition. The issue, now, is that when I restart the computer, and hold f8 to choose my boot device, then select the osx hd, it just ignores it and goes to the windows hard drive for the boot :? What should I do to be able to boot into osx again? I am using a p5w dh deluxe, with two sata drives btw.
  8. S.M.A.R.T Status Failing?

    what does that do? and so I should be alright If I redo the install on another drive I have lying around?
  9. S.M.A.R.T Status Failing?

    i'm just wandering if anyone thinks I should try the install on a new drive?
  10. S.M.A.R.T Status Failing?

    do you think it was cuased by the install type? or do you think it was very very veyr coincidental? I was planning on lending my friend the install method I used, but I don't want him to {censored} up his computer, and I was gonna try the install again, but I dont wanna {censored} up another drive.
  11. I installed leopard using an application off TPB, (it ran in windows and did the install and everything for me! Best method I have seen so far :]) anyways, after the install, when I rebooted, the mobo (p5w dh deluxe) spit out an error about the drives SMART status failing. It allows me to hit f1 and ignore the message, but once I boot into leopard (which works fine btw) and I open up disk utility, the drive says "SMART Status Failed" and I cannot partition the remaining space for use. SO basically I am stuck with a 15gb install space, and I only have like 4 gigs for applications. HOw can I fix the SMART status of the drive? Here is a screenshot in Disk Util:
  12. Resolution still funky!

    I have an x1950 pro, so my gpu doesn't have drivers for mac yet, .
  13. Resolution still funky!

    I finally have a fully working mac osx on my desktop, however, I use a 22 in monitor, and hustly, need a screen resolution of 1680 * 1050. I cannot find where to change this, so I tried a program called "changeResX", and set it to my resolution, howeer, now , It is displaying at 1400 x 1050, which is far better, but looks horribly strechted, and out of place. HOw can I fix this?\ I have uninstalled the resolution program, and at the boot, I typed boot: cpus=1 "Graphics Mode"="1680x1050x32" WHile, now, it is not using that program to display a higher resolution, Under the preferences I can choose 1400 x 1050, so the mac does it by itself... but it is still maxing out at 1400x1050 . Cna you helkp me get it to 1680x1050?
  14. My mobo came with realtek audio drivers, wich, appearently arent mac friendly, seeing as my mac doesnt recognize any of my headphone/ speaker jacks. BUt oh well. I am guessing I need some sort of soundblaster sound card. WHat is the cheapest one that I can install with osx86? I have been meaning to get one for windows anyway, so is there anyting in the range of $15-40 for a mid level windows and osx86 compatible sound card?
  15. I am interested in the parrallels-esq interface. of switching back and fourth between osx and xp. I however, don't like vmware, as It can't run like parralels, (cube switching of os'es, etc) So, If I purchase parrallels for my "hackintosh", and istall it on my osx86 drive, will I be able to emu. windows inside of osx86 using it?