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  1. its on the bay

    if anyone is interested in uploading it to FTP, pm me
  2. its on the bay

    im using transmission
  3. Is there any way to control volume with the remote? I tried up and down while I was listening to a song but did nothing. I just set it up in Proxi.
  4. I have Leopard installed on an external hard drive. I installed it by opening the OSinstall file from the DMG. As hard as I have tried, I can not boot from my external hard drive into Leopard. I tried changing my system startup disk in system prefs and held down option during startup. What do I do?!?!
  5. Leopard DMG won't mount

    I'm not sure. I just used the first one I could find.
  6. The torrent I downloaded as a .rar in it. When I try to open it, it gives me an error message: "The file "osx-leobeta.rar" does not appear to be compressed or encoded. It is advised that you obtain further information about the contents of this file from the sender or provider of the file. It will help to know what program created the file and what operating system the file can be used on." Does anyone know a solution to this problem or another torrent?