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  1. Hey guys, have anyone tried running at 4K resolution on OSX with 5450? I see reports that this card is capable running 4K with windows xp, but isn't with windows 7. I wonder how it is with OSX. I'd love to be able connect it to 4K display (TV) through HDMI.
  2. - I'm using Chameleon - The kexts you mentioned I took from Pepto's Clover package - I copied it I probably should've edited these files myself… I'll try to edit the original files myself and let's see what happens.
  3. For graphics - I used kexts from Pepto package (Clover - I took just kexts). I have 5450 2GB with ID 68F91002. And graphics is running fine in native res with QE/CI! I have also DSDT from this thread, but I don't think there's any graphics injection/enabler in it... I made live-CD with Ubuntu to check if there's any internet problem with youtube and my computer - and it isn't, everything is working fine there... I'm trying couple things out, I will post if I will find the solution. I'll check other kexts maybe..
  4. If I wasn't sure it's kext/system related I wouldn't post it :-) Yes, the latest flash. The latest browsers - Safari, Firefox, Chrome (Chrome even uses its own version of flash). And - HTML5 player in youtube doesn't work either… I don't know what's going on. I searched the web for it and some users of different PCs have similar problem in OSX. Still - I haven't found a solution. For some it was graphics kext. For others it was chameleon settings. But nothing worked for me. Everything worked in Mavericks. If nobody had this issue, maybe I'll try to reinstall it once again...
  5. Hey! I managed to install Yosemite on my Optiplex 780. Everything is working perfectly, but one thing! The youtube doesn't work! The playing never start. I tried on different browsers. But other online players work just fine. Have anybody got this problem too? I have standard Optiplex 780 with Radeon 5450 2GB, graphics works fully. Yosemite installed using Chameleon, using kexts from pepto clover package.
  6. hey, anyone tried this on mobility x1300? does it work? it's the same graphic's core, so it should work...
  7. roykovsky

    ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    I have the same problem! I don't know what to do... maybe someone saw artifacts like this before and know how to fix it?
  8. Thank you So, another question. I don't have windows and I don't want to install it now just to get EDID information. I'm using Ubuntu Linux right now - anyone have some tool to get EDID in linux? read-edid doesn't work properly, because it's formatted a way different than in this tutorial... Or should I get EDID information when I will have MacOS installed? If so, how to do this?
  9. got any luck with Mobility X1300? I'm downloading iPC now, should be downloaded in 6h. I believe this method works! So, I have a question. In installation, do I need to choose any of drivers for graphics? Thanks a lot