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  1. Snow Leopard on G31TM-P35 (G31TM-P21)

    Does sleep work???
  2. MSi G31TM-P21 - DO NOT TRY

    Did you manage to get sleep to work??? :)
  3. Hey Ridgeline, sorry for the late reply... yes under BIOS on MBIT, I enabled the CPU Clock and bumped it up to 312 mhz... Im running on stock cooler so I dont want to push any higher. I noticed too that it did not work with my OCZ ram but worked fine with Crucial RAm. Both were PC6400 DDR2. CPU seems to be fine and running cool I did notice that the Northbridge chip on the board running very HOT.
  4. I have E6300 and I have it overclocked and running it at 3.28 Ghz with this board. thanks for all your help.
  5. Thanks Ridgeline.... Love the graphics on the new installer!!!
  6. sleep works!! thanks alot. this is so awesome... I used graphips enabler. I checked under wallpaper/screen saver and no option for QE.
  7. thanks, I will try this when I get home tonight and let you know. What I also remember after the update is the solid top bar. No Quartz Extreme for 10.6.3??? I'll check it when i get home, but Im sure I have the solid bar instead of opaque one.
  8. Ok sound works now after AppleHDA.... Thanks Just sleep not working... thanks
  9. actually sound doesnot work now at 10.6.3 can you post a guide.... thanks
  10. ridgeline, I re-installed osx and used your "Gigabyte" post installer, standard. I also updated to 10.6.3. Sound works great!!! Sleep seems to work, but when I woke up the computer by wiggling and clicking mouse, the computer reboots. I tried a couple of times and it reboots all the time when waking up the computer. What am I doing wrong?? Do you have a guide?? thanks for your help....
  11. Thanks Ridgeline... I was a little confused while following this post. I will try your installer and see what happens. Native sound and sleep will definitely be a plus. I will let you know what happens. Im going to start from the begining...
  12. MSi G31TM-P21 - DO NOT TRY

    alfonzotan, after install I ran "MyHack" to fix boot and graphics since i am using NVidia 8400GS. Everything works except sleep. Im going to try to update to 10.6.3 and see what happens. Any one got this fully working with Sleep???
  13. Ridgeline, I took out the SleepEnabler and successfully updated to 10.6.3. I originally used the guide by DaveVegas. I downloaded the new 10.6.3 sleepenabler and tried to install using Kext Helper. The program freezes and cannot restart. I have to force quit Kext Helper. Any suggestions. I also tried your "Gigabyte" Installer but cannot find the SleepEnabler like "MyHack". Do you have this added?? I also tried your DSDT. When I use MyHack to try to fix it, after 10.6.3, I get KP. I was able to manually remove the bad SleepEnabler using my iMac and able to boot it up again. How do I get the right SleepEnabler installed?? I think there was a point where i dragged the sleepEnabler to Extra folder and it would sleep, but when I wake it up, it reboots. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. This is my setup: Mobo G41M-ES2L / E6500 4GB PC6400 Crucial ASUS 8400GS 512MB 750 WD SATA Pioneer DVDR IDE (sleep worked when 10.6.2) Thanks
  14. MSi G31TM-P21 - DO NOT TRY

    Enter801 This is awesome... thanks for the reply I actually got it working also using Empire EFI, before your post. I was able to get my video working 8400GS Nvidia. Try the graphics enabler on MyHack. I used RC4 version. For sound try VoodooHDA.kext I haven't gotten the ethernet to work also... I too am using wireless and Bonjour seems to be working fine... Only thing I can't get to work is sleep. I've tried a couple of sleepenablers and always a kernel panic. Any suggestions?? Im also going to do the dual boot by adding another drive. Im running G31TM-P21, E3200 Cel, 2GB Crucial Ram PC6400, 512 MSI 8400GS, LG DVDR, 74GB WDRaptor.
  15. MSi G31TM-P21 - DO NOT TRY

    I have the same board. How did you install the retail SL?? what method did you use and if any additional kexts, dsdt, etc... I been wanting to try this for a while. thanks