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  1. I'm pretty sure I read that chameleon v2 has raid support, but I haven't tested it so I'm not sure.
  2. Yeh, chameleon v2 found my windows partitions fine. Only thing to be aware of is that windows 7 adds a small boot partition, so from chameleon you'll see 2 windows partitions, 1 will work and the other will give you an error to the effect of "bootmgr is missing", if you get the message just use the other one. P.S. if you don't have a partition set up for osx yet use the windows built in partitioner for that. The partitioner in mac os disk utility will force you to format the whole drive, I'm pretty sure.
  3. coachabower

    Wrong way...

    It auto finds windows 7 for sure, I haven't tried it with xp but I don't see why not. However, Das_Human is right, you can just pick up a program called parallels which will allow you to run windows software from your mac os. Similar to wine in linux if you use that at all. Quick and easy with no modifications to your partition set up. But if you absolutely want windows on your machine then yes, the simplest way will be to load the mac os dvd, run disk utility, erase your hdd, create your partitions all formatted as fat. Then install windows 7 first I would say, then xp, then mac os. With 2 windows partitions I would think the chameleon loader will show 3 windows partitions and 1 mac part. The first listed windows partition should be the windows loader so you'll need to use that to boot in. Then I would assume that would take you to the windows bootloader where you would choose the windows version. If you plan to have 3 OS's on there it may be easier to just install mac first to the third partition, then windows 7 to the first, then xp to the second. Then use easyBCD to create your own bootloader(super easy). That might make be better if you can't get around the extra windows bootloader. Though personally I like the chameleon bootloader to be the first thing I see, much more visually appealing, but thats just me.
  4. From my experience yes you can. I used iATKOS v7 with chameleon 2 bootloader. The mac partition is the active one and the chameleon bootloader allows access to the windows partition. With other versions of iATKOS or bootloaders I can't be sure. And a return question for you, my second boot is windows 7 v7600, I'm having a hell of a time finding an activator, is yours active?
  5. coachabower

    Wrong way...

    I had a lot of trouble when I tried dual booting when windows wasn't the first partition. Idk, my mac os was a fresh install so I didn't mind trying several different configurations though, so I ended up just installing windows on the first partition and it seemed to make things simpler.
  6. If you are like me and want to get mac os fully functional on your machine with unsupported hardware maybe you can learn how to create drivers. From what I've read so far it doesn't seem to be horrible. Mac OSX drivers have been revamped from previous versions and are now written in a c++ language with a few features not used. Multiple inheritance being one. So it's an object oriented set up using c++ which any second year computer science or software engineering student should have had some experience with. The documentation so far seems to say that the drivers generally consist of 2 classes and because its OOP you just call instances of the second class each time a new use of hardware occurs. It may not be tomorrow that I figure this out, but I don't think it will be too terribly long. If you would like to join me and possibly learn some mac os programming, which could be quite marketable post grad, check out this link and start learning. http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/doc...000013-BEHJDFCA There is also some documentation regarding porting drivers from other unix environments, which will be handy for me since my hardware is supported in linux. That documentation is found here. http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/doc...CH207-TPXREF107 The material suggests going through the fundamentals(first link) completely before trying to understand the porting literature. But it does say that once you get the fundamentals down, designing drivers should be pretty easy after that so if you have multiple pieces of hardware that are unsupported, you learn once, do twice I'll be making a driver for my Intel 5100 agn wlan card and my Intel 4500m graphics accelerator. Anyway, wish me luck, and if anyone else plans to learn this stuff...I'll Race Ya!!!!!
  7. You shouldn't have to format the whole drive. Just Install Windows 7 to the partition that has vista now(which is likely the first partition if you have a working dual boot), then use diskpart from windows to set the mac partition as active. If you have chameleon v2 as I do, it will list the windows partition in the bootloader. Just make sure when you select the windows partition from chameleon you choose the first windows part, windows 7 installed a small boot partition when I installed it, so when you use the darwin bootloader you need to call the windows boot partition to load windows correctly.
  8. coachabower

    1 HDD, 2 Partitions, 1 Problem

    I'm not familiar with iPC, iATKOS v7 is Leopard 10.5.something and comes bundled with chameleon. So that made it pretty easy for me. When chameleon boots you'll see a small loading bar before it goes to the apple screen, if you hit any button before that bar runs out you can see the other boot options. I know it's a pain when you spent the time to dl the release you have, but I had one that didn't work well at first too and had to suck it up and dl a new version. It's more than worth it to get the iATKOS release v7, that made it really easy for me to get everything situated.
  9. coachabower

    What made me happy today?

    Hi, I'm a victim of the intel 5100agn lack of support in os x currently. I was pretty bummed since most of my time on my computer is spent on applications which require the internet. I also happen to have a Palm Centro smartphone. I used a piece of software called USB Modem which allows me to use my phone as a modem using only data charges. Since I have an unlimited data plan through sprint I am now able to use the internet on my mac os anywhere at any time as long as I have cell phone signal, and it doesn't cost me any extra. So anyone who is having issues with their wireless cards and happen to have a palm centro or other smartphone should def pick up USB Modem. Just google it, idk if it has support for iphones and blackberries, but you can check out their site to find out. Anyway, that made me really happy and I wanted to share my experience and spread the word for anyone else having the same problem. Wifi is still quicker if you can get it, but doing this not only bypasses the need if it wont work, but also allows you the freedom of ignoring wifi spots, connect anywhere anytime. I'm ranting, so love it and goodbye
  10. coachabower

    Stuck on Windows7

    Very simple, from windows you can use the command prompt to open diskpart. Just go to run->cmd in the window type diskpart when disk part opens type: select disk 0 hit enter type: list partition hit enter from this list determine which partition is the mac os partition type: select partition X X=whichever partition is your mac one hit enter type: active hit enter type: exit when you reboot you'll be sent to the mac partition, as long as you have a mac bootloader installed you can use it to get back into windows when you want to.
  11. coachabower

    1 HDD, 2 Partitions, 1 Problem

    I recently set up a dual boot as well. I used iATKOS v7 as my hackintosh install and I use windows 7 as my second boot. Same should apply for xp. I tried this several different ways for the best bootloader sequence, and when I finally got it right it was way simpler than I made it. My suggestion is to boot the osx dvd first. Use disk utility to create 2 partitions. Then install osx on partition 2.(make sure the bootloader to be installed is chameleon v2) Next boot the windows dvd and install to partition 1. When windows finishes loading go to run->cmd In the command window type diskpart, a new cmd window will open for diskpart. type: select disk 0 hit enter type: list partition hit enter this lists the partitions present on the drive. When I install windows 7 it creates a small boot partition which makes the mac partition number 3. if 3 partitions are listed type: select partition 3 if 2 partitions are listed type: select partition 2 hit enter type: active hit enter type: exit hit enter Restart the machine and mac os should load on start up and as long as you installed the chameleon bootloader when you installed iatkos you'll see the windows partitions. If you see 2 different windows partitions, i.e. if there were 3 partitions on the drive, load the first one to enter windows. Works like a charm for me. I would get rid of windows but my wireless network card is an intel 5100agn which doesn't have a driver out yet. So I boot windows for my downloads and most internet usage. Though I did find a workaround to that as well using my palm centro smartphone as a modem. But its still slower than wifi so I keep windows around. Anyway, good luck, I'll check back to see if you have any trouble.
  12. coachabower

    Darwin Bootloader FAQ

    Nevermind...I'm just an idiot...darwin works fine I just needed to boot into a partition called system reserved which apparently is the boot partition for windows. I was trying to boot into windows ntfs thinking the reserve was just for recovery purposes. I'm happy now
  13. coachabower

    Darwin Bootloader FAQ

    Hey, I just started messing with the osx86 project a few days ago. First thing I want to say is amazing job to all the developers that put the time into getting mac os up and running on pc. I picked up the v7 distro from iATKOS and installed it fine. I then decided to take it a step farther (because I have an intel 5100 wireless card and can't live without the net) and dual boot windows 7 for internet use. I'm a fulltiltpoker.net junky Anyway, I can get the dual boot to work fine using easyBCD from windows to load the appropriate os. My problem is that I'm never satisfied and staring at that ugly ass bootloader when I know darwin is just sitting there waiting for me just makes me sad. I really want to find a way to dual boot using just Darwin. It seems like winblows wont boot properly if it's not on the first partition and the last os installed. I tried loading windows on disk0s2 and mac os on disk0s1 but when I try to load windows it gives me the bootmgr is missing error. So I tried leaving windows on the first partition but installing os x afterward so darwin would be the initial bootloader. Which again worked fine until I try to actually enter windows, then I get the bootmgr error again. So, my idea, which should work in theory, is to have a third partition of around 7gigs just to have an active windows boot, then use easyBCD on that part to load mac os as default with a 0 sec timeout. Idk, i just think that's pretty sloppy, so I'm hoping you guys know a better way. p.s. after reading through this post it seems like the bootmgr issue is because windows isn't the active partition? If that's the case I hate windows {censored} little quirks, and if I could get my hands on a driver to support my 5100agn i would kiss windows goodbye forever. Also, I realize some of you may be thinking, just buy a mac and quit bitchin, but I'm a broke college student with poor parents, and I'm using student loans to cover school costs and jobs to barely cover the bills. My computer is the best material item I have and I want to get the most out of it.
  14. HI, I have an intel 5100agn wireless adapter. I tried out the unstable install from iwi. System won't boot outside of safemode. Backtrace terminated-Invalid frame pointer 0 Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies): darwin.iwifi(1.0.0d1)@0x45e66000->0x46088fff I'm a nub to mac's, especially the iATKOS release, and probably shouldn't have tried unstable drivers, but I did and now I need to get them out. I followed the removal instructions from the iwi site: sudo -s rm -rf stuff here rm -rf stuff rm -rf stuff kextcache -k stuff It didn't work Can anyone enlighten me as to a removal technique?
  15. coachabower

    Permission Errors During Install (iATKOS v1.0i)

    I downloaded version 7 to see if it made a difference. The install gets slightly farther in that the install comes out clean. However, when I try to boot the OS it freezes on the apple loading screen.