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  1. Any idea when the slow detailed method will be ready??? Having a bit of troubles getting it working.
  2. seanyis

    Inspiron 6400 Upgrade from 10.5.1

    Thanks for the reply.. I have tried that guide before but didnt seem to get it right.. It is a bit loss on the details and not 100% up to speed with some bits. Could you run over it in more details or do you know of any other guide more Noob friendly???
  3. seanyis

    Asus eeepc 904HD

    Anyone managed to get leopard on a 904hd eeepc? it's not atom based cpu so not sure if same guide as the 901 ??? Any help greatly appreciated...
  4. seanyis

    Inspiron 6400 Upgrade from 10.5.1

    No one can help then???
  5. Hi there, semi newbie here. been tryin for several weeks now and read hundreds of post that other people have easilly and sucessfully upgraded to 10.5.2 or above with Kalyway upgrade disc. tried 3 differant downloads of 10.5.2 and just freezes few seconds into the black screen with white text while its loading.. 10.5.1 boots fine apart from the monitor needed to boot up, making a dongle so i dont have to have plugged into a monitor to use it... Anyone with intel not ati graphics managed to upgrade, or fresh install higher than 10.5.1? Any help appreciated