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  1. Hardware Compatibility List - Leopard 10.5.2

    Hi people I've an HP Pavillion ZD8256ea with Leopard Hardware: Pentium 4 3,2Ghz 2GB RAM ATI X600 256MB DVD-RW DL Infrared Command Card Reader AC97 AudioCard Software: Leo4All V2 Callisto ATIX600 Ktexts for ZD8000 series AppleAC97audio.ktext I'm very happy with this installation, my infrared command function good, audio too and I can use my 17TFT with 1440*900 resolution, but my cardreader doesn't func and I can't use QI/CE with my ATI X600 If anyone Knows how I can configure my graphicard to use QI/CE I appreciatte very much your help, because this is my only bad experience with Leopard at the moment. Thanks and Regards.
  2. Mobility Radeon x600 Dell Latitude

    Hi people I've HP ZD8256ea with ATI X600 plus Leopard patched 2 and I've the same problem with graphic card. I can't use my X600 with QI/CE on Leopard, if anyone knows how it's possible please PM Thanks and Regards
  3. On gray screen with apple the OS reboot

    Anyone had this problem? how I resolve it? Anyone Know?
  4. Will it work on a Toshiba A100-405 Laptop

    First you need to install XP, make too partitions one in NTF for XP and other in NTFS of FAT32 for MAC. install XP and then boot from installation DVD of Mac. in installation wizard of mac you need to select "disk utility" in menu "utilities" and select your partition reserved for mac and select erase in HFS system then you need to close "disk utility" and go to installation of Mac OS X next step it's using xp cd to recover your mbr to you can boot again with xp only install the tool easy BCD(you can find it in google) and use it to create a dual boot for xp and MAC OS X
  5. How do i Write to a SATA drive?

    Try this: go to utilities of Leopard and open "Net info Manager" Go to "users - root" and then select the first option with "*" and delete it press enter to change your position line and close "Net info Manager" with "apple+q" key select save changes and then in utilities open "terminal" write "su" and press enter now you need to put password to root but you haven't password associated, you need to press enter again now you can define password for root user usign "passwd" command go to root with "cd /" command and do this command "chmod -R 777 *" now you had enabeled root user and used it to change permissions on all files of your disk but attention when you change this permissions you are changing de default permissions that garant the security of Mac OS X. Regards
  6. Wants me to restart :S Need help!

    I think your problem it's relacionated with your BIOS. Try to change some settings like disk access and memory times. I only installed hackintosh in intel systems but your description tells me the problem it's with hardware compilation. In intel systems if you haven't the "perfect" setting in BIOS you cant install MAC OS X and your problems it's like this.
  7. Beginner needs help! *please*

    Hi, To burn your dmg file for an optical device you need to access one Mac to do it. A dmg file it's lige iso in Microsoft system, it's an image and you can burn it in a Mac with application "disk utility". You can find this application in utilities of Mac and then you need to select the destination drive to burn and source file of image like dmg file. For install Leopard or Tiger in PC you need onde DVD burned but cracked, and if your dmg it's not an cracked image of leopard version you need to download it on torrents sites, find for iATKOS or Kalyway and burn it. Attention if you download it you need to burn in low velocity, preferencial in 1x because if you burn your data with 8x or more your disk will doesn't function. Then you need to start you computer running this burned dvd and when you prompt to install you select "customize" and check EFI in MBR and ACPI options. I don't remember the names of options but are like what I wrote. Sorry for my bad english too but this is your first steps to run a mac OS X in a PC Regards.
  8. On gray screen with apple the OS reboot

    Yes! After the last line the computer reboot and it's a loop. Leopard It's compatible with Pentium 4, Its possible the problem it's arround my processor or it's another thing..?
  9. On gray screen with apple the OS reboot

    I don't see any error on this lines, please help me if you know whats happen with boot of my hackintosh. Thanks
  10. Installing Leopard on an External USB HDD?

    I did it with an external 3.5 drive in a box of an old external DVD Writer and it's simples, you star installation normaly and when you nedd to chose the disk you'll select the external drive. Don't forget to erase it with HFS+ File System. I did it with Tiger but I beleave this works with Leopard!
  11. how do i install bootloader?

    Anyone knows what is the principal díferences witch various versions hacked of Leopard?? If it's any diference with them..
  12. On gray screen with apple the OS reboot

    You can see the lines in the image bellow
  13. Leo Disk Free Space Calcualtion Error

    Like MitchBomcanhao say's it's not a bug but a short description that appear an error.
  14. Hi, I've an HP Pavillion ZD8256ea with P4 3.2Ghz and 2GB RAM. In this machine I had Tiger version installed and working good. Now I've installed Leopard version (KALYWAY) but when the installation finish and reboot the machine on the gray screen with apple after 5 seconds de OS reboot again and I can't use it. I've tried some thing and I searched for this situation but I didn't resolve it. It'a possible to help me for my first usage of Leopard? Thanks.
  15. Mac OS doesn't startup

    When I use "-v" option the startup stop at this message "still waitting for root device", then I reinstall the OS and I've selected "costumize" option to mark the Intel processor, after installation my system starts up correctly, without errors, thanks for your opinion. I'm surprised because my Airport recognized automaticly without extra configurations, I've HP Pavillion zd8256ea with 54g board. I can tell you my system it's OK with Jas 10.4.6, I'm very satisfied but my sound card doesn't function, anyone knows why? It's possible to resolve the boot without pressing F8 key to select the partition? Thanks for your help!