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  1. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    The only issue with these laptops is support for the GMA 3150 (Which is one of the most popular CPUs on netbooks as well) People are still trying though! It doesnt affect you so much though, just a note
  2. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    The mouse is actually MORE enjoyable in OSX since you can even modify the thresholds. As for chameleon, if you set it to automatically load osx, there's no menu or obnoxious pictures
  3. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    I had the exact problem. Once you finish the install, go into settings and click trackpad and enable "Clicking" If that's not there, download these files http://www.mediafire...2qfxpvmqgugy3d2 and install them by using this http://cheetha.net/ That solved my problem. Is everyone's audio working? That's my only issue. Edit: I got it, somehow. Now for Quartz Extreme......
  4. I successfully installed Snow Leopard on my CR48. However, before I was going to put my files and programs on it, I wanted to update to the newest version. To do so, I followed this guide: http://osx86.or.id/tutorial/intel-atom-amd...s-x-10-6-8.html the update stated it installed successfully and I followed the guide. I rebooted and I was greeted with the kernel going absolutely nuts. Below are some of the errors. Another error I have come across is the DSMOS has arrived stall. While searching the web, on this forum, I found this "fix" but I do not have the 2 kexts shown. I have a USB key of Snow Leopard, I've had to reinstall 3 times already. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    I have finally put OS X on my CR48. Now that i'm here, I hope to continue this "Work in Progress" Cheers!
  6. I am making this because Mydellmini, surprisingly, couldn't help me. I have a Dell Mini 10v with Snow and Ubuntu with Cham. boot loader I deleted these files in single user mode com.apple.finder.plist: the primary Finder preferences. com.apple.sidebarlists.plist : the Finder Sidebar preferences One time I somehow managed to load onyx and do the scripts and disk repair but that did not help (froze midway) Today, I did the applesetupdone in single user mode. I created a new account but it seems to be a system wide error. Dont know if this could be it but: tmsafetynet kext pauses in boot for 5 seconds. Not sure what that means At this point, all I want to know is how to backup all my files (in ubuntu, it is read only) and reinstall with access to only (get ready for this) Ubuntu, a few 2 GB flash drives and a PC. Im willing to do whatever it takes.