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  1. OS X 10.5 PUBLIC BETA

    If you're a developer, then I'd say yes. If you downloaded it from the Internet then probably not. No need to draw attention to yourself, even though it isn't your fault that some moron leaked it to the web.
  2. Workgroup settings in Leopard

    Shouldn't of wiped clean. Keep in mind that this is a developer preview and that things such as Directory Access are not necessary for developers. Just a thought though. Probably not a good idea to wipe your system out for this new unstable preview. Could just be my opinion though.
  3. Kaleidoscope Screen Saver

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but there's a pretty cool new screen saver that takes and turns your images into something similar to a kaleidoscope or a mosaic. Not sure what everyone else refers to them. You have to have iPhoto installed under Leopard though, I think. But you may be able to just choose a folder containing pictures. It's very neat!
  4. Apple Employees in trouble

    Just read this on my newsreader: http://www.pheedo.com/click.phdo?i=4254974...d147cbccc7d9ede
  5. Photobooth Animation?

    If you ask me, the whole Animation thing in Photobooth makes "Photobooth" seem more like the real photobooths in malls. I like it. I think that it serves the purpose that it's supposed. In the final release I hope that there's another option for "Photobooth Style" picture taking. It will take 4 pictures a few seconds apart and give you the option of combining them into one image that looks like what you get from those photobooths after about 15 minutes of waiting. Good idea, or not?
  6. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem that have iMac G5's. When I startup off my partion on my hard drive that has Leopard installed a quite loud fan starts blowing that I have NEVER heard before. It's actually quite loud compared to the normal fans that I am listening to right now while booted in Tiger. Anyone else having this problem? I am running off a 160G WD External HD. Not sure if that matters. The fan does turn off after it boots up completely, but it sure did scare me the first time that it did it.
  7. Anyone want to test out the new iChat?

    I am not sure if it is actually working. I tried doing it with another guy with no luck. But we can try it if you'd like... can't guarentee that it'll work though. Send me a PM.
  8. iSight troubles in Leopard

    I also am having the same problem. iSight worked fine in Leopard, but now I am using Tiger and it says that it's in use by another application. I am going to shutdown then start back up. Glad I am a member of this site now! I will let you know what happens. The shutdown, then fresh startup on Tiger worked fine for me too. Thanks guys!