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  1. Hey Guys, just thought I would share my ongoing experience having installed 10.6.0 with Leppys boot CD, Well as It is, I am running 10.6.4 with NO ISSUES whatsoever, upgrade went without a hitch, mine is a D620, nvidia, T2600, 2 GB ram and i dualboot Win7, One of the issues i was having was a slow down with the machine when watching a lot of youtube, flash videos caused the machine to get relly hot and non responsive, the short term solution was to turn the machine on the side and wait for it to cool off, well, i just did a real mod, commonly called the copper mod (look here http://myworld.ebay.com/chips2481 for the parts and here for the how to http://forum.notebookreview.com/dell-xps-s...opper-mod.html), as described in the article, temps are definately DOWN , machine is running so well, I wondered why I was thinking about actually getting a real mac to begin with , the mod was definately worth it and thats why I am mentioning it here for the brave among us Ok, for the poster who is having issues with burning the dvd, I did not go that route, I used a usb stick, ( I used to use a usb hdd before so I know that both flash and a hdd works, you can try that, but you need to have a working mac to create/restore the os to the usb media, in case you do not have access to a working mac, remember, try to use a dual layer media to do the burning and, use Leppys boot CD first, as Mac OSX DVD'd are NOT bootable on a PC. I also have a usb hdd with 10.6.0 that I use for recovery, so that is stored away with my other junk, just in case Consolation, I see you still here helping out, I believe that I am still using your dsdt file and it still works awesome, very few kp, usually when I start system monitor only sometimes though and none since 10.6.4, btw, I never lost wifi (airport) like some reported, haven't actually noticed any changes with the upgrade to be honest, except for the Safari 5 deal, after getting sleep to work, I realize that I don't even use it that much Anyone else have the new Safari (5) crashing when you have 5 or more tabs open?, thats one thing I have noticed For the other guys having the various issues I have seen, all i can say is this, before I even bought this D620, I had read this entire post, and at that time it was like 26 pages, about 4 times, so by the time I got the machine, I was ready to do the deed , the devil is in the details as they say so the finer points are usually posted somewhere here already I spend aout 80% of my time in SL so believe me when I say that this machine is stable, what else can I say? am loving it Best to all
  2. My light sensor works great, if you take a flashlight and shine into it close up, you can see the immediate results, btw, maybe the extra antenna is for bluetooth, the module should be located just under the 'Latitude D620 bezel, close to the cpu vicinity Quick note, my test on that 3d app you asked was the same result as Leppy's nvidia machine, 5807 mine is core duo (non c2d) Nvidia 1400x900 Question, anyone having issues with their nvidia graphics, especially after lots of quicktime or flash videos or gameplay?, mine tends to lock up the machine and under W7, I can see some pretty high GPU temps, been reading about a copper shim mod, thinking of that route, takes about 10 mins to cool off and return to normal, also, i have 1 gb ram, thinking of an upgrade, would an additional 1 stick of 2 gb be ok, or although this is a non 64 bit cpu, go and do a full 2 x 2 gb (total 4 gb) upgrade?, suggestions welcome
  3. OK Guys, I got out my Ubuntu live Cd and followed instructions, did my own DSDT.dsl dump, I posted it in case it could be useful for comparison, in the meantime, I replaced Leppys DSDT.dsl file with mine and noticed that I did not get the panic on launch of Activity monitor as was happening with his DSDT, also, i can now see in the system profiler that the Video Card is no longer listed as a "go" but the actual NVS 110M EFI and it now shows all the information about my memory stick, before, it was "no info found" Consolation, thanks for your help as well, I did what you said about putting the 3 kexts in s/l/e and all seem to work, only, still no tap response from the trackpad after wake from sleep Ok, edit, not so sure about this upload deal after 3 tries, but here goes T2600, NV 1400x900, 1gb Ram, Wifi broadcom DSDT.zip
  4. Hey Guys, Leppy, Consolation, SA22C, thanks for sharing and contributing to this post , Leppy, i tried your DSDT (downloaded the file you posted and did the backup / replace Extra folder, re ran the script to do the rebuild, and also did the repair permissions with the disk utility), got the new VoodooHPA and the VoodooPowerMini, did the placements in the correct folders, replaced the 'boot' as you mentioned, well, here is my findings, when the machine boots, i go directly to the options screen to select the OS I want to boot into, used to be it defaulted to SL, now I have to make the choice, , I think i like this, boots fine, sleep works, but on waking, i lost sound, so i did what Consolation suggested, move the Voodoo HPA to S/L/E and that restored sound , but here is the issue, the touch pad works, but the tap to click, / select, is lost on waking from sleep, just a quick note to say that while I understand the principle of Patching a custom DSTD per individual machine, the how-to is the rocket science for me, so kudos on getting this far on these machined guys, I really respect and appreciate your work!!! whew, sorry for being so wordy guys... ps, mine is nv, core duo t2600, 1 gb ram, 1 stick, latest bios and just about the same selections in the bios
  5. When booting with the SL DVD, before beginning the actual install, go to DISK UTILITIES and do the partitioning from there, I have 3 partitions, each same size (40 + 40 +40 =120gb) I did the SL partition at the beginning of the drive as leppy instructed, the 2 other partitions I did in FAT, when doing the W7 install, just format the FAT to NTFS at that time, Like others, I use a 'common' folder for my access between the 2 OS's and for file storage, for easy ID, I named each SNOW, COMMON, W7, so I know which one to load W& to when I start to do the instal, actually, there will be some smaller partitions each about 200mb, but that seem to be a part of the SL (MAC OS Extended partition table), these are invisible to Windows as well as OSX The last thing that I have never seen anyone mention but I have noticed on my Company's D630 (Intel graphics) w/ iAtkos and now this D620, is when you boot to W7 (or XP) the time in the clock is about 4-6 hours out , i guess that since the Chameleon bootloader acts for the EFI and over-rides the bios, must have something to do with that, I just reset the time and am fine, I did note on the D630 that after extended use (and I had OSX on a USB HDD since it was not my computer but my company's and IT would have been all over me for modifying their system), when I returned to Windows, sometimes the USB ports took about 1 hour to return to 'normal' function, meaning, they refused to acknowledge any inputs, the thing about the D630, was that it had a completely dead main battery (not the cmos, but the system battery) so am not sure that had anything to do with it, when I would return it to the dock in the morning, usb keyboard and mouse refused to work, also, just to make a further point, on my D620, the mute, works perfecto, while on the D630 iAkos, it shows on screen to work but in reality doesn't, I have since abandoned Leopard as SL is much kinder to me since I have a 99.5% functional install, only missing 'sleep', but thats no deal breaker at all (don't miss the crazy track pad mouse from Leopard installs either, and this is a guy that has a copy of Every Distro and Every version, since getting those to boot was a 1 shot in 20 in my experience
  6. Dual boot works without any issues, Win 7 works without issues and 10.6.1 works without any issues , and I sometimes have the system on for hours (4-5 hrs_ in either SL or W7 When I just started with W7, I was getting IE crashing very often, some googling revealed that Skype as well as my anti virus were the culprits, so some tweaks later, no issues, some things I have noticed, is that when I run some video files, usually big (1gb - 3 gb) like mp4 or avi under W7, I get a crash, I suspect the video( nvidia), also, sometimes when I have maybe 7-12 web pages open in tabs, safari (SL) will stop responding, I would attribute that to memory related, as I have only 1gb ram, and I know better than to put so much demand on the system, hey - research has a price Lastly, just to confirm, I did do fresh installs of both SL and W7, no upgrades, like I mentioned before, All I did was to follow Leppys guide and read and reread this thread, D620 runs very stable in either SL or W7, so I have the best of both worlds
  7. No, the only additions I made to the install, after the post install from your boot CD, was the speedstep kexts as described some pages back ( I cant say if it works or not, but the system is very stable and when I do stuff like video conversion, The fan kicks up to high), When I did the 10.6.2 upgrade, i used the software update, since i already have a copy of the 10.6.1 update dmg file downloaded and burned to CD i can do that upgrade as a stand alone, Since there was no real confirmation on the sleep issue, I just avoided that whole matter completely I now have a backup install on a USB drive that i can use for experiments before applying any new things to my internal HDD install For another report, the Mic Voodoo file that was posted recently works perfectly as well, it does need to be 'turned up' each time I boot, but i can even do the 'speak' commands now - Whoo Hoo (actually typing this in SL now, it feels faster than W7 to me)
  8. If you could provide the steps it would be greatly appreciated. BTW, looks like the Dell DW1490 was no good, bought another from EBay, guess I'll try again Hey Guys, i have a perfectly dual boot SL 10.6.1 & Win 7 on my D630, by following these steps EXACTLY: (BTW, its a direct copy and paste from an early post in this thread, I just added a copule of notes i thought would be useful) *install SL on 1st partition - follow leppy's guide *install W7 on 2nd partition, REBOOT *boot leppys cd * sudo -s * fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 * p * flag 2 (SL, this will rather show the file system and not say Snow leo) * write * quit *RUN again the post_install.cmd from leppy's cd. "if i did not run the post install, after reboot ill get a blinking curser" *REBOOT and make sure SL are ok. *boot leppys cd * sudo -s * fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 * p * flag 3 (W7 you will have to know the file system as the info will not say Win 7, but something like NTFS file system) * write * quit *REBOOT and select Windows 7 in Dual Boot its going to ask you to repair your win7, just follow the instruction. (put dvd in the tray and boot from it following the repair to boot loader instructions) *reboot & boot to leppy's cd again. * sudo -s * fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 * p * flag 2 (SL) * write * quit ( I wrote exit and that worked to exit out of the terminal) I bolded the 3 things (using the boot cd and not the HDD) that gave me the most problems above, also, when you are completed, make sure to hit the down arrow or the enter key when the bootloader starts to load, it will expose the boot option for Win 7, that was the issue I had not taken into account and thought the processes failed, mine does o by quickly, maybe 5 seconds and it defaults to Snow On another note, I updated my SL to 10.6.2 and had KP, so did a full reinstall this past weekend, I will just stick with 10.6.1 for now, (T2600, 1 gb Ram, nVidia, Dell 1490 ) Cheers
  9. Hi Leppy and everyone contributing to this forum, I wanted to give a big shout out and say thanks to everybody for all the great info here, Leppy, you are the man, this install of SL is even easier than installing old Win Xp etc. not to mention the 'other' distros (OSX) that I have used, "iAtkos, Leo4All", this is great, by far the easiest I have ever done, I had a d630 intel from my office that I was expermenting on, and got so interested that I bought a D620 from ebay, (which was supposed to have been an intel but arrived as an nvidia, no complaints), I have been reading and lurking on this thread for some weeks, so I was totally ready to go when the D620 arrived, happy to report, all is working and the machine runs really well, also followed the dual boot from earlier in this thread, so that got me dual booting as well, FYI d620 , nvidia, 120 GB Hdd, 1 Gb memory, Dell 1490 W/lan...now, I will be in the background keeping an eye on the thread but once again - THANKS...