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  1. I accidently changed my resolution to one which my monitor doesn't support =(. I have an nvidia graphics card which i used the macvidia driver for. Does anybody know of a way i can change it back?
  2. VMWARE Slow!

    I have the newest version of VMWare, its a 512 mb ram comp with an Intel 2Ghz processor. When i boot natively it runs fine, but in VMWare to open say.. system preferences it takes about 30 seconds. Its installed on my second partition.
  3. Are there any tweaks i can do to make Vmware run the Mac OSX faster? It takes about 5 minutes to boot maybe more.
  4. I installed the Mac OS X 10.4.6 in VMWARE i can boot natively by setting my second partition as active, however if i try to boot into mac os through vmware it says "Operating System Not Found" Does anybody know how to fix this?
  5. Are you supposed to put the Vendor ID and Device ID in the Info.plist inside AppleAC97Audio.kext or inside the AppleAC97IntelICH.kext's Info.plist?
  6. Once i get my VendID and DevID, what exact line in which plist do i put these in?
  7. bumpedy bump bump =(
  8. Thanks for the reply, and yes ive tried those all to no avail =(. Especially that first one. Is there something i have to change in the .kext that im not?
  9. bump.. plz help somebody
  10. I've searched nearly every part of these forums for the solution for days and haven't been able to find the correct .kext file. Is it that i haven't found the right one or i haven't edited the right line? Any help would be greatly appreciated. How can i find out my Vendor ID and Device ID? and once i find it where exactly do i put it?