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  1. Mac Mini PPC for sale!

    I'll take it for $310 if it's still available.
  2. [Sell] G4 Cube with optional extras

    I'm interested. Hit me up at imitchellg5@gmail.com if this is still available. I have good eBay feedback and feedback on MacNN Reader Forums.
  3. [Random] 9999 Replies

    127 the amount of PCs in my school' ( seriously).
  4. The 2.66GHz Mac Pro really doesn't seem a whole lot faster to me than a G5 Quad with 1 gig of RAM, but they are waaaay faster than the 2.3s or 2GHz models. Get more RAM and they really purr.
  5. My Boot Camp Ad

    Aww the mustang is gone. I like the add a lot though.
  6. Newton kicks tablet PC butt

    I really liked the Newton, it was an amazing machine. I hope they bring it back, my Palm Tungsten T2 isn't half as cool as a Newton.
  7. They also have a quicker response rate.
  8. Menu Shade

    That is very cool thanks!