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    Success - HP 8710w - One last issue

    use a 32bit RTC - so you don't get kernel panics
  2. it took a while (i completely forgot about the update and continued doing something else) but it went without any problems
  3. sleepenabler causes problems again, but i havent installed it in the first place, so it should go as smooth as on a real mac.... i am dowloading the update now... so if i am not back in 15-20min it didn't work
  4. if u installed from say iPC 10.5.7 you get this error. and also the resource busy for the unmount command. the solution: 1. boot from new snow leopard 2. install again 3. enjoy
  5. whiteONION

    Success - HP 8710w - One last issue

    hello guys - my first post here i also have 8710w and have successfully installed iPC 10.5.6 on it, but still have some problems. one of them is long boot time, and the other is wifi. are there any news considering the wifi driver? i have tried one for intel chip - but it doesn't work. also (and the reason why i am quoting) is that this kext you uploaded here doesn't work for me - it makes the machine unbootable.?? with searching for api msg. how did you get it to work? sound and all the rest works for me Luka