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  1. Raid 0 or SSD macbook pro

    Put the SSD HDD inside your macbook, as your main partition and use the 500 gig in an external firewire 800 enclosure. The SSD gives a speed bump, limited by the bus speed/ data transfer rate of the macbook. It would be better to use esata as you get the full bandwidth. You may want to research external enclosures, because I'm a little confused about them crashing. I suspect there's a speed issue there that's causing a clash/ crash.
  2. It's not just the aesthetics that add to the experience, but the Operating System as well. I've tried using my kit along side a windows based computer and it's, I wouldn't say impossible, but a pain in the proverbial backside. Running an EOS 10D and EOS 300, I can simply USB them accross and grab the images from the camera. On a PC, you need software specific to each camera you use. I can import RAW images into a Mac without any additional software and configure it for printing in different ways. I can set my screen for any profile I like, adjusting for Adobe callibration, RGB etc without any additional software. I can colour match my Mac straight out of the box. I certainly can't do that on a PC to the extent that I can on my Mac. As for aesthetics, heck, let the company sell the dream- after all it works and the kit does look great in a design studio. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- We recycle PCs. Try our IT Disposal
  3. Not a suprise to me either. However, at the same time, PC prices have plumeted as well
  4. I'm running 6 gigs on my rig and don't have a problem with the OS seeing it (kalaway 10.5.2). However, I do get crashes occasionally and sugest that as the amount of memory installed increases, so is the chance of installing a stick with errors- which is what I have.
  5. help with my mac book

    Before you do, double check that the installer can't see the drive. If it comes up in the installer, then it should take the install. One other thing to note: You can install a copy you d/l. Are you booting from DVD? If so, are you holding down the "C" key while booting? Try resetting pram and openfirmware before doing a clean install. If the OS you're installing is older than the one previously installed, then you need to clear the openfirmware to downgrade!
  6. A group of us have been messing with Kalyway 10.5.2 distro and more recently iDeneb 10.5.6. Firstly, here's my history: I', currently running a couple of macbooks, a macbook Pro, a couple of G4 Dual 1.25's all for work. Have the following 2 builds running for comparison: HP WX4400, Core2Duo 2.4gHz, 6 gig ram, 3 x 250gig SATA, 2 x Dual head Geforce 256meg cards with 4 x TFT's, buetooth, 10/100 ethernet (Broadcom), firewire card, USB 2.0). Kalyway 10.5.2 Basically, a complete setup without sound and occasionally crashes (usual mac error- you need to hold down the power button to restart your mac- kind of stuff you get with bad memory blocks!) Dell Optiplex 655, core2duo 2.66gHz, 2 gig ram, 2 x 250gig sata, on board graphics, ideneb 10.5.6 distro. The above 2 x units were a clean, issue free install.... rather like re-building a mac!... actually exactly the same... However, I decided to take this one step further and try an install on Intel Xeon servers that I've got lying around. First off an HP Proliant G5 3.0gHz Xeon Dual Core with 4 gigs ram and 2.5" SAS drives- no joy with either the Kalyway or iDeneb distros. Secondly a G4 HP proliant with 2 x 3.0gHz Xeon server with 2 gigs ram and Ultra 320 scsi hot swap drives- again no joy with either distros. It's not that the servers won't see the install DVD- they both go to the Apple logo with spinning disk, indicating that they're booting, but just sit there doing that forever- nothing else, no blue screen with apple logo, just the initial grey screen, grey apple logo and grey spinning wheel. Am I missing something here? I've pulled the SAS controller, but this did nothing, so I'm guessing it must be the CPU's. However, from recollection, Apple have Xeon servers available, so this should be a runner! Do I need to switch kernel prior to boot (ie to voodoo?). If so, how do I do that?
  7. help with my mac book

    Won't work on the new macbook. You need a newer operating system. Without the DVD, there's nothing you can do. The old tiger disks won't have drivers for the intel macbook.
  8. Max Ram in Powermac G4

    From recollection, these macs support 1.5 gigs of ram, max. Pretty sleek, given that macbooks only support 2 gigs of ram (some 5 years later!)