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  1. Would you happen to have a link to the working guide? Struggling to get the sp2 to load into the installer.
  2. Z87-D3HP Radeon 7xxx

    I've tried both methods. First boot, it works with: -v PCIRootUID=1 -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes This is with my 7850 removed. With my 7850 inserted. I cannot get a PCI config hang. It just sits there. I've tried every fix I've found for this card so far and nothing is working. On the mobo, everything but audio is working (I'll figure that out after I get my gpu working) If I need to return this GPU and grab one that has more compatibility... which do you recommend?
  3. Z87-D3HP Radeon 7xxx

    I was able to successfully install and boot into osx. After reboot, it hangs again. I'm using the same kernel flags that I used to boot into it the first time.
  4. Z87-D3HP Radeon 7xxx

    Okay, I removed my Radeon card and it's installing right now. I had to start with GraphicsEnabler=Yes We'll see what happens post install. *Crossing Fingers*
  5. Z87-D3HP Radeon 7xxx

    I may have figured it out. I changed the settings for chameleon to boot0md and so far (it looks like it's loading the installer) I failed to start in verbose to see what's happening so if it doesn't go to the installer I will. Get suck at PCI configuration begin. Manage to get past that with PCIRoot=0 then I hang at pthread support aborts when sync kernel primitives
  6. Z87-D3HP Radeon 7xxx

    At the moment, no. To be honest I'm not even sure that I have it set up correctly on the usb. In the tutorial I was following it told me to copy the extra folder from my installed osx. This doesn't have an extra folder? (Tried reloading finder several times with hidden files) So, at the moment. On my laptop with a 3rd gen i3 cpu it will show the bootloader from the usb (I did chamelon wizard to install) and from their it looks like it loads all kexts and simply restarts. On my 4th gen i5, it simply looks like it's loading all kexts and restarts. I'm not sure if I'm following a poorly written tutorial, or what. Also, the car I bought was a ATi Radeon 7850... is it a decent card? My 3d Mark11 scores were only around 6000... which was comparable to the radeon 5xxx series according to their website. That was with the 7850 overclocked. I was under the impression that only the newest version of Chameleon would work.
  7. Z87-D3HP Radeon 7xxx

    I've gotten past the boot:0 errors, however it won't load into the installer. I run it in verbose to see what's going on and after all kexts load it simply restarts the pc. Perhaps I'm not comping the CD correctly? ANY input is appreciated. I can return the mobo and buy a different one if it will work better. Seems like the only thing holding this system back?
  8. Z87-D3HP Radeon 7xxx

    I went to Fry's and purchased everything for the purpose of building a hackintosh. I can't even get it to boot the USB drive I'm using. It shows up in Bios, then it gives some boot0 errors or something. boot0:CPT boot0:test boot0:test boot0:done Has anyone managed to get this board working? Do I need to take it back? *EDIT* Everything I read about these errors is post install. I haven't even been able to install.
  9. Gray screen, then reboot.

    Anybody? I'm really stuck on this. The only way I can boot into the installer is by using: cpus=1 maxmem=2048 busratio=11 arch=i386 -v
  10. I was successfully able to load up SnowLeo for AMD and Intel. I installed everything while following a guide that had very similar hardware to mine. Unfortunately, when I went to reboot the computer it got to a gray screen with the apple logo and the loading icon at the bottom and it rebooted. I've tried every flag I could think of/find and a ton of combinations. I'm not sure where it's caught up at. Any help is appreciated. AMD Athlon 2 x4 8gb Ram 1tb SATA HDD nVidia GT 430 PCI-e x16 HP Pavilion motherboard
  11. No mouse or keyboard on install screen

    I tried switching USB legacy mode from On to OFF, and it allowed me to boot, but now mouse, found a PS/2 mouse and that worked with the PS/2 keyboard. I'd much prefer USB to work though. I have to turn USB entirely off in BIOS so I can't use any USB things. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  12. After installing this on my laptop, I got rid of it (AR9285 support is lacking, and so is HD4530) Decided to put it on an older Emachines desktop of mine, had to change the jumper settings to get it to go past the waiting for root device error, and alas I arrive at the install screen and no USB mouse support. The are my options for keyboards/mouses PS/2 keyboard, USB mouse, or Wireless USB mouse and keyboard. Don't have a PS/2 mouse, wish I did for install at least. Any ideas? & If I get a PS/2 mouse and can install is it possible to use a USB mouse after? Thanks! Anyone?