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  1. hiya, now that I have successfully installed hack os tiger onto my toshiba A55 (working sound too) I thought I would give leopard a go too (more future proof) so I gave it a shot and for some reason I can't get it to boot up. I will get to the blank white page with the apple logo with the spinning... thing, and it will stay there, also I can't hear the hard drive spinning at all (tried 2 hdd's now, one of which I know works, also re-burned the dvd) the specs on this machine is a 1.5 ghz celeron, 512 mb ram, intel gme 855 chipset. also the disc is ipc 1.5.6 ppf5 final, and I always choose the voodoo kernel, but what smbios should I use, and what what kernel should I choose for the ide hdd? thanks for any help offered, -Tyler
  2. Need widescreen res on 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV

    can someone please post the gma 840 kext if they still have it? I would like to give it a try with my gma 855 as the other guy said it improved his video playback thanks
  3. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    hiya, I added the Broadcom BCM4306KFB to a mpc transport t2000 and after running your script the airport icon is added to the menu, but it says its not configured. the dell inspiron 1150 that the card was removed from died from over heating, is it possible that this card is burned out, not support by the mobo or is there more work that needs to be done as far as software goes? also think it's good to note that this inspiron had a celeron instead of a p4 thank you update took the lappy apart and found that the broadcom is marked BCM94306MPSG REV 4, would this driver even support the card posted?
  4. no luck with my toshiba A55-S106 with sigmatel c-major audio. looked for 2 hours now and no luck at all happy my wifi is working though
  5. so far from what I've read on this site it seems that intel hardware is usually supported natively by the OS. would intel pro wireless be the best solution? thanks, -Tyler
  6. Hi, I recently restored a mpc t2000 and it can install and run osx86 pretty smoothly. however there is no network support at all, which I can understand because there's barely any support for the Orinoco wireless b card inside of it for win xp. If xp doesn't support it then i doubt os x tiger does too, so I was wondering is there any mini pci wireless card that I can buy that's easily supported by hack os x 10.4? thanks for your time, -Tyler