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  1. ...thanks for the response. i've been reading nonstop for weeks, and have spent a lot of time on tony's blog, not sure why you would suggest i haven't. i'm new to this world so my learning curve is pretty steep but i'm doing everything i can to succeed with this new challenge. i'm asking similarly phrased questions as others. there's a lot i dont know still and i'm willing to do the work to learn it, but when i run out of ideas i thought it was safe to think that this was a supportive place to come with questions and try to get some answers and ideas. i definitely can't do it without this forum and this thread, and help from some of the guys on here with experience, so now that i've taken the financial plunge on the new computer i hope i can be confident that this is a supportive and helpful place to come when i need assistance. in other news... does anyone else feel this thread would have more readily accessible info if it was broken up into specific motherboards? i guess they're related closely enough that you prefer to keep it together, otherwise you wouldn't do it this way, but from a noobie's perspective, this thread is difficult to sift through and follow since there's info coming from all angles, and the sheer size of it makes it tough to read and actually retain everything posted here.
  2. can anyone see this post from me (or any of the previous ones i've made?) i'm beginning to think they're not showing up or something because i've gotten 0 response from any of them... if anyone can see this, just give me a written nod please so i don't start going crazy. in other news, i'm still trying to get some kinks worked out of my setup to get it to boot without tonymac's boot cd. had some basic questions about that that i've posted hoping for some ideas from you guys, but unfortunately so far no responses.
  3. I wanted to try Chameleon RC4 after reading tonymac's article about it in his blog, but his link to "Chameleon 2.0 RC4 boot file" is a broken link. Does anyone have this file? Is it worth the effort of trying to get to work on my i7/UD3R?
  4. is there anyone out there who can talk on ichat or similar to help me troubleshoot why i cant get chameleon to boot without having the disc in? i'm on an i7 and UD3R and this is my first hack so i'm learning as i go. trying to follow guides by tonymac and also help from basanku but after quite a few different configs we still can't get it to boot properly. must be missing something here. if there's anything i should check, verify, take a screenshot of, etc. then please let me know. you can PM or IM me if its better than going over in this thread. thanks in advance...
  5. rekurser, i just tried to send you a PM but they're turned off. is there a way to contact you, or can you contact me? thanks...
  6. so... no one can help me? i was hoping the solution might be simple for some of you, or at least you'd have some ideas on what to try next.
  7. I just got my brand new computer built and am trying to get Windows 7 and Snow Leopard set up on it and running right. I'm using an i7/UD3R combo and you can see details on everything else below in my signature. Bansaku has helped a lot with guiding me since I'm a noob which has been awesome but I figured since I have something to show for myself now I'd post here and see if anyone has any input so I'm not just relying on him. We've tried to use iDeneb but whenever we get to the point that it says 'hit any key to boot' it just restarts the computer. Since that wasn't working, we tried just following TonyMac's guide word for word (except for a few UD3R specific files recommended by Bansaku) and were able to install Snow Leopard but when it came to Chameleon we ran into issues. I think the Chameleon issues may be install error so we are trying to redo that now. Right now it won't boot unless my external HDD is plugged into the USB port, not sure why. The question at this point though is if anyone has an idea why I cant get iDeneb to boot off of the DVD that I burned (at 2x), and if it matters if I use iDeneb or TonyMac's (or what is the difference, if any)? Thanks for any help, Bryan
  8. Just wanted to say that my final wave of parts arrived in the mail today, and I now have everything except for the stupid cpu cooler that got held up in shipping due to 'adverse weather conditions'. Started putting things together tonight but couldn't get too far due to the missing cpu cooler, and I'm excited that its finally happening after so much planning and research . Now I have to figure out what the hell I'm doing as far as setting things up, and hopefully things go relatively smoothly. Feeling like an uber noob now that its real! Deep breaths, it'll all work out...
  9. love this thread, what i understand of it at least . the energy in here is awesome. thanks for all the work on this guys... i can tell you all like the challenge, but just wanted to let you know there are others who are anxious following your progress here as well. i just completed ordering all the parts for my i7 / UD3R build and am hoping to have something to show for it next weekend. really looking forward to getting started! p.s. i'm typing on my brand new 13" unibody MacBook. I was at Microcenter today picking up my i7 860 processor and they had an 'open box' Macbook there for $100 off, and then a $200 rebate. couldn't resist... especially since technically the box was open but the computer was brand new. i'm really diving into the mac world head first now
  10. rekurser... just tried to send you a message to see if you use AIM to maybe talk a bit but it says you have messaging turned off. your setup is identical to what i'm looking to build (either a ud3r or a ud4p)... just trying to sort through all of this. glad to see that people are still working to make forward progress with things. wish i could be of assistance but at this point not so much. will continue following the progress here though!
  11. cough cough bump... i'd think this conversation should be more lively than ever at this point... interested to hear some input!
  12. Thanks for your response... this is really good info for me. Are you on an i7 or i5 with your setup? Sound is something I can wait on, thats not a major issue for me and I assume it will be figured out soon enough. Does everything else work 100%... sleep, usb, lan, bootup and operation are normal, etc? Any other quirks with the computer that make it different than sitting in front of an iMac? Have you checked to see that the speed of the computer is where it should be? Thanks a lot... I'm not trying to be unrealistic, but I am just trying to lay the groundwork here to put together a reliable work station that promotes productivity once set up, which means avoiding quirks and glitches. If you use AIM I'd love to chat And more fully, I was looking at: i7 860 from microcenter ($239) P55-UD4P board (or similar, if its better for me) 260 or 275 video card... undecided gskill ripjaws 2 x 2 gig ddr3 1600 ram (on sale for $80 at newegg) 2x WD Black drives for Win7 and SL 2x WD Black drives for mirrored storage Antec 900 case with CM Silent Pro 700w PSU Lite-On DVD burner ...and I guess I need a CPU cooler if I'm looking at overclocking (have monitor, mouse, keyboard)
  13. I wish you could search within a thread on this forum Sorry if this is a noob question but I just haven't been able to make any conclusions on this one from searching on my own. (edit: Now that I've typed the whole thing, perhaps it could have been a new thread, but I'll try this first and can always edit if its out of place). Thanks in advance for any help! I read this thread when I first started looking and didnt know much. Then I read through it again later as I had a better idea of things. Now I am ready to pull the trigger and am trying to verify once and for all which of the boards I am interested in are fully functional, but its a damn long read and less people having success than not. The organization and input from members here is great, but its still a tough read to get conclusive info out of easily. I know the UD2 is working well for people, but are any other boards? I am looking to do an i7 860 for photo editing. No plans for gaming or video editing but I do want a solid setup that will last me a while here. I'm liking the option to overclock. I dont plan to have more than 1 video card. VGM was nice enough to talk to me last night and recommended I look at the UD3R and UD4P but I have yet to find someone with a fully functional setup using one of those. I am not pinching pennies on this setup, so if an upgrade here or there will mean a more functional, reliable, or just better setup in general then I am absolutely interested. Although I am new to this, I like learning new things and have a friend who can assist with this build and setup. I'd much prefer to go a tried and tested route to try and avoid any undue issues in getting the computer up and running. As far as I'm concerned if I can talk to one person who personally owns a setup who has it figured out, I'm ready to go for it, but I am not interested or able to be a pioneer when it comes to this stuff. I like the sound of the i7 860 over the i7 920, which has well documented build info... but I'm not sure what the right fit is for me. I won't count out the possibility that for my needs/wants/abilities that the 920 may just be a better idea for me at this point, and know its also a very capable setup. Thanks again for any input... the community you guys have here is awesome and I'm hoping to get involved and contribute soon.
  14. any updated thoughts to this comparison? i know the 860 stuff has progressed a lot and people are having good luck installing 10.6.2 on it these days. not sure if its quite as far along as the 920 stuff though. i'm looking to make a purchase in the next week or so and am still a bit on the fence about this. i'm looking primarily to do photo editing on my computer, so photoshop, lightroom, etc. will be my most intensive programs used. for this type of thing do i want to look at modest overclocking? is the triple channel memory going to be beneficial over dual channel for me? any other benefits of one or the other that you can think of? thanks a lot for the help... i'm a first timer so have been doing a lot of research but i have a lot to learn still. if there's any other info i should be providing then please let me know, thanks.
  15. ah congrats! anything worth noting on what worked and what didnt for you? i heard there aren't too many noticeable differences but its nice to know that you're not hitting a wall on upgrades...