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  1. High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    The update doesn't work. I always get the "some updates were not installed" message. I 'm on 10.13.1 with MBR now. Can you plz explain in simple steps how to install 10.13.2 downloaded from Apple site. TIA
  2. High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    Hi, The Appstore doesn't retrieve any system updates ? How to fix this ?
  3. macOS High Sierra AppleACPICPU error.

    make sure you have latest Clover and FakeSMC on your installer.
  4. Hi, The link works but this file won't work. After installing and rebooting you will get a notification that "Some updates were not installed". I downloaded the full 10.13.1 app and recreate the USB installer using "macOS High Sierra Patcher" app from http://dosdude1.com/highsierra/.
  5. High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    Hi, The independent 10.13.1 update can't be installed on my MBR partition. Does it mean I have to download the full 10.13.1 app to create a new installer ?
  6. VGA on Hackintosh

    That sounds a bit strange. Do you have Windows on this laptop ? .. if yes and the VGA port works then it's something with your macOS part. If no then something happened to the VGA port itself. I have mine still working with High Sierra now.
  7. High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    The mistake was leaving .IAProductinfo file inside "macOs Install Data" instead of the root of the target. It works fine now. Really appreciated!!
  8. High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    Hi, I followed all the steps but ended up with the OSInstall.mpkg error. The log file is attached for help plz. TIA Installer Log 10-18-17.txt
  9. Hi, I created the HS installer USB as per the instructions for MBR partition. It boots fine but I get the message "System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg" appears to be missing or damaged". Attached is the log file for your kind help. TIA
  10. Problem with 10.12.4 update [HP EliteBook 840]

    Hi ... It's not the same HW. The 840 has the integrated HD4400 which has 2 kexts to support. You must find the required drivers for your GPU.
  11. Hello to all, After installing 10.12.4 the system broke. I noticed it is passing the graphic mode switch then hangs. On verbose mode there is a message before going into blank screen: "time out .. kexted ACPICPU". Is there any change in ACPIPM kexts in this upgrade ?? P.S I installed NullCPUPM kext but it doesn't solve the problem. Any help\guidance is appreciated. TIA
  12. [Guide] ML on HP Elitebook 8460p

    Hi, you can patch your DSDT file with the attached code. it will display the battery icon and percentage. Good hack! Battery_840G1.txt
  13. VGA on Hackintosh

    my laptop G1 has only one integrated GPU ... the model Elitebook 840 G2 has a discrete one.