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  1. Sigmatel 9200, etc. Issues Solved

    Same problem here;there is no way of separating speakers of headphones? I Tries to put the headphones, it hears ok, but the sound also is heard from the speakers;I want to have only headphones if the jack is on.Also no mute function.Thanks !
  2. I tried all the solutions from this topic. None is not working.For the cpus=1 or maxmem=1024,I always have In Preferences-> Network the message ,at status, "The cable for PCI Ethernet Slot ethernet is not plugged in". Without this option(cpus or maxmem) the build-in ethernet is grayed out and the status link is inactive ,a wrong IP is given.With this option ,the status is also inactive and there is the message from above,wrong ip is given(something like suggestions? Thanks!