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  1. Volumes won't mount!

    Thank you Rammjet! It worked! God bless you.
  2. Volumes won't mount!

    I Have a D915GEV hardware and the following happend: 1) I had the system 10.4.6 running ok with a PATA hard disk. 2) I removed the PATA hard disk and put in a new SATA hard disk. Installed 10.4.6 and updated to 10.4.7. 3) Now Os X will not mount my PATA DVD-Rom (not shown under ATA in system profiler) or even my Ipod (although it is shown on system profiler). 4) The DVD-rom is perfect, because I can boot from it. I am not sure it the problem ocurred when I switched HDs or on 10.4.7 update. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Folks, I am an applescript programer, I am sure that messing around with date in BIOS is not enough. I mean that there are other ways of checking for real time. Like it was said above, the system can connect to time servers and check for real time and write it on a file on a local disk. Then when you change BIOS date, the system checks it again, if no Internet access is detected, and BIOS time is SMALLER than WRITTEN TIME, the daemon can start its own counting, independently of what you set as BIOS time. Once the daemon accesses Internet again, it checks for real TIME again, and continues counting. So the daemon can count time, no matter what you set to BIOS or if Internet is off. The first minute you access Internet again, it is checking for time. Remenber: There is also "Software Update", lots of folks will try to update their system... What if there is a routine to check for TPM, and detect a copied system and simply shut down the whole thing?
  4. I have been thinking: What if Apple has built in a feature into x86 that it simply won't let it boot after July 2006? I have seen it before, as it happend with the first Safari's beta. What if you press the on button, and instead of a login screen you have a window saying that your "Developer kit has expired"? Have you thought about this?
  5. How many account do we realy need?

    Ok. You are a little confused. Apple tried to make things simple. So you don't have to create a "root user", it is there by default, although you don't see it listed under system preference > accounts. But also, Apple has this root account disabled by default, so you don't even need to know what a "root user" is. If you REALLY want to login as root user, you will need to go to > applications > utilities > net info manager, and there "enable root user". Then you can "su root" (switch to root user) on the terminal window, otherwised the terminal shell will behave as if you are inserting a wrong password for root user when you type "su root". I never really login as root, the commands I need to type as root are so few that I prefer to "sudo" the command. I hope I have helped you.
  6. Tells me I have to restart evey time

    As the "Oracle" from the Matrix once said "I hate to give bad news"... I don't have the solution for your problem, but I can tell you what the windows means: You have a "Kernel Panic" Paulie... Complete death of the operating system.
  7. How many account do we realy need?

    I am a Mac User who hasn't been able to get his Pc running x86.. still trying. But I guess I can answer your question: You only need one account: Lets call it "John Smith" John Smith needs to be an admin account. That's all you need. If you are asked for "John's password" from the Finder, just type John's password. Very simple. If you need to execute a commnad under a Terminal shell, just do: sudo whateverCommand And the shell will ask for your password SIMPLE.
  8. Newbie needs helps.

    This is my set up: (tried to have a similar set-up as Apple's transition kit) Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz D915GEV mother board 1Gb Kingston Ram 80Gb SATA hard disk Ok.. I am a MacUser, so what I did was: 1) Installed Windows XP on the brand new drive, so that it was formated on NTFS format. 2) Took the SATA drive and put it inside my G5 as a secondary drive. 3) umounted the drive using the "umount" command under Unix. 4) Copied DEADMOO's image using the "dd" command. 5) Put the SATA drive back into my PC. But it won't boot at all, as if there was no bootable image in it. Can someone be so kind to help this silly brazilian nut? Thanks !
  9. From a real Mac to OSx86

    Hi Folks! As our colegue, I am also a Mac user who plans to install x86 on a new Pc hardware I bought yeasterday, same set up as the "transition kit", hope I get everything working. Unfortunately I still have 3 days remaining to finish the download of deadmoo's image. Need to be pacient. I am a medium level Unix user, can do simple commands like rm, mv, tail, cat etc... I am plaining to use the simple quick way to get my x86 running, just mount deadmoo's image on my G5 and use Carbon Copy Cloner to transfer the image to the brand new hard disk. I was insecure about where I should "initialize" my brand new hard disk. (I guess that Pc folks call "intialize" "format", MacUsers use different terms) As the link posted above, it says I should have the Hard disk inside a real Pc for formatiing, otherwise it won't boot. My concerns have been confirmed. Questions: 1) Can I use my Mac to initialize the hard disk? 2) Should I use a live Cd from a Linux distro, follow the installation process and quit installation just after the disk has been formated (or initalized as we say)? 3) Are there any further patches I should apply to deadmoo's image, so that I have a box running x86? Thanks for you comments.... Please forgive if I repeat myself and other posts in this forum, but I am a 42 year guy who isn't so smart...
  10. Password

    My post might sound stupid, but there is a commom issue than non-Macusers allways miss: To be able to "su root" in a Mac you need to "enable root user" in /utilities/NetInfo manager.app Hope this helps
  11. Software Update

    Thanks eightBallx! Have you tried typing "softwareupdate -l" on a terminal window?
  12. Software Update

    I haven't got Deadmoo's image yet... I just wonder what happens when you hit the button "check now" on "software update"... Does it perfom as we see it on a real Mac? Are we getting the updates from Apple's server? Thanks for your comments..
  13. info about ppc apps

    Hi folks! I have gone out and bought a new mother board the Intel D915SEV, Intel Pentium 4 processor and am downloading Deadmoo's image.(still need another 4 days to complete) I wonder if anyone has been able to use the Filemaker app with success under x86... Thank you for your comments...