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  1. Hi, For some reason I can only get sound through hdmi and nothing through the green front or rear on the pc? If it helps I'm running 10.6.7, Mobo is ga41m es2l, The sound kext is voodoo, And gfx evga 8400gs 1gb. I have tried to set output in system prefs but it only gives me 4 options all "Digital (HDMI)" And nothing else! I have also plugged my tv into hdmi and i can confirm i do get sound throught the tv. Any ideas what i can try? Btw I have tried installing other sound drivers like azailia but still nothing. Thanks.
  2. jocarl11

    Saphire HD 3850

    Hi Guys, Been searching for some time now with no success! Is it possible to get the 3850 working with SL? Cheers.
  3. jocarl11

    Snow Leopard on HP 6720s

    Ok thanks for your help smilenkovski, It's all working 100% now on 10.6.1!
  4. jocarl11

    Snow Leopard on HP 6720s

    Thanks smilenkovski, I have everything working but when i updated to 10.6.1 the screen went back to 1024x768? I tried the script again in Terminal but it won't seem to work! Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. jocarl11

    Snow Leopard on HP 6720s

    Ok thats great thanks.
  6. Hi, Very new to this so bear with me, I'm hoping someone can tell me how easy Snow Leopard will be to install on my 6720s laptop? And what I will need? Currently i'm running a dual boot Leopard 10.5.8 and xp. Thanks.
  7. jocarl11

    Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    I am the same, my hp 6720s won't give me any other res than 1024x768 so there are black lines down either side of the display?
  8. Hi new here so please bare with me! I have leopard 10.5.5 on my 6720s which has gm965 chipset and was wondering why i only have 1024x768? Is there something i can do to get 1280x800? Thanks