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  1. What network cards work?

    I have that linksys too. Now i only need to get it working ( )
  2. I installed Mac OS X and i had some problems like no internet and no sound. I saw all the questions and problems on the forum and i was wondering... There will be a ''Perfect'' Hacked Mac OS X?????
  3. Celeron seen as 3.06 ghz?

    And my Intel Pentium D with 2,66 Ghz Per Core is shown as 4,7 Ghz
  4. Black (in a MacBook) is beautiful

    haha. lolz.... I'm not shure but on apple.com are those movies too
  5. [How to] Edit Boot.plist

    I don't think thats the prob. Maybe it doesnt work for all people?
  6. My Sound in Works

    I think no1 will know the reason lolz
  7. About this PC

  8. Someone check the temperature in hell

    Sure this isnt illigal?
  9. Even Han Solo uses a Mac!

  10. Vista's "killer" voice recognition

    That {censored} never works great
  11. this guy really dosent like macs

    Who watch this {censored}. Whe are all trying to install mac os x on our PC and now we are watching how people hate it?? I dont get it
  12. Windows Vista

    Mac OS X shall own vista. Microsoft doesnt even know when Vista is coming. Then they say 2005, then 2006, then 2007. HOW LONG ITS GONNA TAKE> And wy they are planning to put some useless {censored} into the system?? I hope there will be a project for Mac OS X Leopard. The New Operating System from apple! I like the Time Machine. Those little things shall own microsoft...