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  1. I have got this MB working with a Nvidia 8400GS card. I followed all the steps in post #4 by Serge Sky except I used a 10.6.0 retail DVD and updated straight to 10.6.4. I found it easiest to use the Pystar CD boot loader which I got from a famous torrent site. I used EFI strings to enable the graphics card which works perfectly. Chameleon 2RC4 worked best as my boot loader. I tried using DSDT's attached to previous posts but had no luck so I just patched my own. Until I did so i had to use the Pystar CD boot loader To patch the DSDT which is a must I followed the guide on tonyMacX86 Blog, DSDT fixes. Not everything is relevant to this motherboard (speed step for example) but it explains how to cover the essentials and gives you the patches. Took me about 30 mins to work out what to do. I pretty much patched for everything I could except the graphics card but just did the essentials and USB patches initially. The extensions I am using in my Extra folder are just: fakesmc.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext SleepEnabler.kext You need to have the latest versions of all of these and for the first boot just use fakesmc.kext. Make sure you have the latest SleepEnabler.kext or it will cause kernel panics at startup. Then add the others checking for stability. I haven't got my audio working yet but I'm not too fussed as I use an external USB audio card anyway. I also have Vista installed on a separate drive which I can choose at start up if needed. The computer works flawlessly and has been in constant use as a Mac for three weeks now without a single crash.
  2. Hi, I have SL and XP installed on separate hard drives and my computer boots straight into OS X at start up which is how I want it. When I boot up, the drive I have XP installed on shows up in Chameleon but when I choose to boot of that drive, I just get a flashing curser and XP never loads. I can boot straight into XP with no problems if select the XP drive from the bios settings at startup. What do i need to do so I can boot straight in to XP by choosing the XP drive from Chameleon. I am running Chameleon 2 RC4. Thanks