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  1. Sorry to bump such an old thread - but did anyone get this working on Leopard? An entry for IBM T42 in the wiki for 10.5.6 implies that it does....
  2. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&CatId=2892 Work great on SL 10.6.2 - 32 and 64-bit, no kext required.... Powered by USB, do NOT need a connection to a sound card, might be a good alternative to people struggling with sound - very pleased with mine....
  3. 64-bit PCI LAN card for SL?

    I'm looking to go to a 64-bit kernel, the only piece of hardware I have that's stopping me is my onboard NIC, which only works in 32-bit. Is there a PCI LAN which has native 64-bit or kext support? I was looking at the ubiquitous Trendnet PCITXR, but then found some comments that it doesn't work in 64-bit, so I will be no better off..... Any recommendations?
  4. I have a 10.6.2 system that's setup just the way I want it now - everything works and I'm pretty happy with it..... Except I'd like some more CPU grunt - if I swap my Intel E5300 for a Intel Q8200, is there anything I should be aware of Hackintosh wise that I might have to change to get it recognizing the extra cores?
  5. NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    Thanks - just what I was looking for!
  6. 10.6.2 Released!

    Seems to have stopped restart working for me - it was always a bit temperamental anyway -sometimes would take an age to restart, sometimes instant, but would always restart. But now it goes to a black screen and just hangs, I have to manually power off and back on again.... I'm using openhaltrestart.kext - should I be trying something else?
  7. Intel 82567V-2 - OpenIntelEthernet.kext?

    SOLVED - their kext doesn't support 64-bit, so booted with arch=i386 and voila, working LAN! Anyone who wants to steal this too, it's available at www.kext.com.... Shame they didn't make it 64-bit too
  8. Anyone manage to get this onboard LAN working? I know it works because when I tried out Psystar's Rebel EFI loader, it works using their OpenIntelEthernet.kext from boot.... I tried taking their kext (what's good for them is good for us right? ) and dropping it into /S/L/E - but it did nothing, do I need to reference it somewhere?
  9. Help with install on Acer PC

    OK, EFIStudio got the Video and LAN working - just audio to get working now and I've saved myself 50 bucks Hmm - LAN not working again now and haven't changed anything - confused!
  10. OK, this is how far I've got.... I started with Rebel EFI just out of interest to see if it would work - I then discovered that they don't accept payments from Canada anyway, so couldn't even buy it if I wanted to! So, I installed Chameleon and PC_EFI myself and SL boots, however, I lose the ability to use the onboard network - this worked using the Rebel boot CD. Where do I need to go from here? I've been reading guides and I'm still none the wiser.... The Acer is their own motherboard, but it has a Intel G43 chipset, I'm guessing they just used a reference Intel design.... I have a BFG Nvidia 8500GT 1GB, which works via DVI at the moment, but only getting 1024x768. So in summary, SL is installed and boots fine from HDD, but I need to get LAN, Audio (if possible) and Video card working.... Thanks in advance!
  11. That's a good attitude to have imo - it's like a religion, the vast majority of people who have one don't go out of their way to flaunt it and ram it down the neck of others, but then there's the small minority who'll go knocking on people's doors and stand in the street shouting about it. That's what the fanboys are like to me - why the need to do it? I also think that a lot of the naive fanboys actually think that a Mac and a PC are different, not just the same components in a different case running different OS's.....
  12. I should probably point out the wife had a iBook G4 (till it broke), so I'm not a complete OSX virgin - yes, I thought it was reasonably good, especially iLife suite, hence wanting to try it again. My problem isn't that the product is quite good, I think it is, I just can't stand being told all the time that I should use a mac by smug faced fanboys - I'll make up my own mind thanks. I just don't want to become one of those smug faced annoying people myself, that's what I'm worried about! This seems to have ramped up in the last year or so - don't know whether it's the release of Windows 7, they feel they have to defend their turf or what, but it's almost impossible to mention anything PC related now without being told, you should have bought a mac.....
  13. Must be an Apple dog - only dumps cupcakes
  14. First of all, new here, so hello everyone! As per the title - you know the type, every possible opportunity; they're trying to ram Mac down your throat and prove how superior it is, like it's a religion or a way of life or something. I'm here because I'm interested in building a hackintosh because I'm a long time linux user who's become frustated with a) the lack of progress on the linux UI front (it essentially is nearly the same as it was 5 years ago, unless you want to do some heavy duty hacking yourself) and application support beyond web apps is limited. I am however worried that once I enter down this path, I may too end up evangelising to all my colleagues and friends whilst they look like this This article, if you haven't seen it before, sums up my feelings :- http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/20...oft-mac-windows
  15. How's your build going? Thinking of using the same hardware as you are.... I too was going to get a Nvidia 7200 because they're cheap and silent - what does OpenCL provide?