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  1. nouveaunano

    too slow hd speed on nforce 570 sli

    i found a solution http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=50368 do exactly like he said and now i have like 46 something under xbench driver test dvd burn now at like 6x, not bad at all
  2. nouveaunano

    too slow hd speed on nforce 570 sli

    seem like no answer yet and it becomes worst when i try to burn dvd, i got like 1x speed, take like hour to get done and i got at least 8 messed dvd right now,
  3. after a long time finding, now i have Mac work pretty well on my rig asus m2n-sli deluxe NF570SLI (no sata, no Ethernet (bought a pci card, works just fine), and just 2.0 sound output, no input, no information under system). but the HDD speed is too slow, like 16 or something with Xbench 1.3 is there any way i can fix it?? like kext or something??
  4. my old nforce4 mainboard work just fine with patched tubgirl's dvd (MeDevil's method) but my new nforce5 (asus m2n-sli deluxe-nforce570 sli) just hang when i erase the partition on sata hdd, and my mainboard comes with just 1 ide connect so i can't connect my pata driver and dvd at the same time (actually, there is way, but it makes my rig look like a mess) can anny one have the solution for this?? in near future?? i know that not much guys out there have nforce5 (they all gone core 2 dou ) but i still hope some one will help oh, buy the way, is there any chance that i can get a pci ide card that work on OSX??, then my problem will not be problm any more?? thansk MeDevil and others again for there amazing works
  5. nouveaunano

    is there any solution for x1950pro yet

    so do u mean that there will be now way for x1950pro to fully work on Tiger??? man, u killed my last hope i'm thinking of turn it back to the store and take a 7950gt instead
  6. i bought it because it's the best for the buck card for windows but i cannot get it fully work in mac (change resolution, QI, CE) is there any way??? or i just have to wait?
  7. nouveaunano

    OSX 86 destroied my SATA HDD

    my old INTEL rig can run MAC like charm, i think i never can comeback to WINDOWS again but when i bought a new one, an AMD system (X2 3600+, NF4 chipset and SATA HDD), i cannot install OSX any more, it just doesn't recornize my SATA HDD (i tried 10.4.6 and 10.4.8) and i cannot find a solution for this (maybe i just don't find in the right place) but 1 week ago I found th e JAS new release, it doesn't require PATA so i downloaded it , burned it and i used the DISK ULTILITY to partition my SATA HDD, it partitioned, and installled all till the half way and it said something is errors and the system need to restart i restarted and the system just freezed when i check the HDD, it recornized the HDD but cannot continute booting unleast i removed the HDD lucky that i got a 5 year warranty for the HDD, so i just gto a new one, and just reinstall WINDOWS any one has experian with this kind of problem before???, is there any solution that i can istall MAC on my PC?? thansk for your time and sorry for my bad ENGLISH
  8. beside demonoid, where can i find jas release of 10.4.8 sse3 ??? cause i'' not a registed member
  9. nouveaunano

    cannot play dvd on my mac osx86

    mine is fx5900 i have downloaded the newest driver from macvidia it works, now i can config my display so what do i need more to play dvd??? now i can only play dvix one
  10. i have installed 10.4.6 jas dvd on my p4 pc every thing work great exept the dvd i cannot play any dvd, the dvd player doesn't work at all, vlc works but just don't play the dvd and mplayer plays some and really slow (like 10 frames/s) with stupid sound so, does any body have the same problem??? any hint??